The Path to Creative Revival

Today is the first day of my attempt at 30 days of creativity revival. I am on a mission to rediscover the direction of my art. I’m already on a path, there is just so much overgrowth and brush that I can’t see where I am or where I am going.

I keep getting distracted by the overwhelming number of choices out there. What a beautiful world we live in! So many beautiful and interesting people and things! I’m looking for FOCUS.

I started this quilt with a vague idea – a woodcut from the cover of the service program from my church.

I decided I wanted to hand piece shapes cut from Marti Michell’s Perfect Patchwork Templates: Set G. I also wanted to use (mainly) batiks. Other than that, I had (have) no real plan. I started this quilt on June 1, 2008.

Look at the birds in the sky In the beginning...- Consider the Lillies In Progress In progress - on the design wall

My design wall. I cut out the pieces, tack them up on the wall in place, give it some time to sink in, then when it “feels right” I sew it in place.

I like to work “intuitively”…though, sometimes I wonder if “intuitively” isn’t just an excuse to work without going through the effort of making a plan. 🙂


~ by Kimberly Mason on July 2, 2008.

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