Lift like a Man, look like a Goddess

I love working out! NOT!!! But honestly, I DO love the way I feel FROM working out!

I have been “toying” with the workout book The New Rules of Lifting for Women, by Lou Schuler with Cassandra Forsythe, M.S. and Alwyn Cosgrove. I say “toying” only because I have started with Stage 1 (of 7 stages) three times now. Every time I get ready to move on to Stage 2, I do what I can only phrase in rather crude terms – I puss out. Sad, eh?

My many motivations

But let me be very clear: it is NOT the book or the workouts in the book that’s at fault here! It is my own lack of confidence and my own fears. I have made HUGE gains in strength and confidence in my physical abilities with their workouts, but I was just so very, very far behind that it is taking me quite a long time to catch up mentally with my physical gains.

I am so very lucky to have a workout room available at home. My dearest Marty is a real home gym rat and has put together our workout space, piece by expensive (but worth it!) piece. We have a power rack with lots of accessories, an awesome workout bench and a set of 1090 Bowflex dumbbells. I also use a big exercise ball with my workouts and steps. All of this is stuffed in a little 10′ x 10′ spare room. It’s tiny, but it really does do the job!

Anyway, I’ve started Stage 1 – again – and I am bound and determined to get to and THROUGH Stage 2 this time around. GRRRRRRR! 😀

“Most barriers to your success are man-made. And most often, you’re the man who made them.” -Frank Tyger


~ by Kimberly Mason on July 10, 2008.

One Response to “Lift like a Man, look like a Goddess”

  1. Kimberly, you will succeed with your weight lifting. I am 77 and love to go the gym 3 days a week just to lift weights and work our with other elderly persons.

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