Spice Girls hold first Gang, er, Club meeting at the Sugar ‘n Spice quilt shop in Morton

Yesterday Della, Kathy, Holly, Linda (Sugar ‘n Spice owner) and I attended the first meeting of the Spice Girls Quilt Gang, er, Club, no, Group, dang it! Whatever you want to call us, call us FUN! Marilyn attended – quite by accident – and was forcibly inducted into our Gang. Then Robin showed up and we had another member hogtied and inducted!

There is some controversy over whether we should call ourselves a “gang” because of the negative connotations of the word. But I like it. We’re Outlaws. *strappin’ on my sideiron (rotary cutter), pullin’ on my poncho (quilted, of course) and outlaw’s hat, affecting a Clint Eastwoodesque squint* We don’t take kindly to no Quilt Police hanging ’round, looking down their perfectly-pointed noses at us, judging the quality of our stitches or the lack thereof. We don’t…

Wow, I took that a bit too far, didn’t I. 😀 Maybe I just got put in the Wild West Cowboy mood from the Patriotic Pinwheels quilt Kathy Orr, of Bear Canyon Quilting, brought to our meeting.

The stars and loops that you see in my detail picture are NOT part of the fabric print, that is her freehand quilting. Isn’t it fabulous?!?!!

This quilt is going to be presented as a door prize at the Send Off BBQ for our local National Guard unit that is being deployed to Irag in August. Linda, owner of Sugar ‘n Spice quilt shop, donated all the fabrics, I pieced the top and sewed on the binding, Kathy did the beautiful machine quilting. It is our hope that it will be won by a family that will be able to take some comfort in it’s warmth while their soldier is far from home. I call this quilt, “Welcome Home, Hero.”

“Could we change our attitude, we should not only see life differently, but life itself would come to be different.” – Katherine Mansfield

~ by Kimberly Mason on July 24, 2008.

One Response to “Spice Girls hold first Gang, er, Club meeting at the Sugar ‘n Spice quilt shop in Morton”

  1. I love stopping by your shop on our way to the West side.
    You always have such neat fabric and patterns
    Loved the scrap box, great for my string quilts!
    ann wells

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