Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today is my dad’s 72rd birthday! How cool is that?!?!

Click on the mean kitty (aka “The Doom Pussy”), at right, to read a story about my dad (aka “Lt. Col. Grandfather Sir”). Here is a little preview of the tail, er, tale:

[On 15 March 1966, near the infamous Tchepone, Laos]

“… Capt Larry Mason [of the 8th TBS] was on a strafing run on enemy trucks when his Canberra was hit by anti-aircraft fire. The damage was so severe that the aircraft rolled almost inverted but held together. After regaining control of his aircraft, Larry’s first thought was that he and his navigator Capt Jere Joyner, would have to eject. His cockpit indications showed loss of power on one engine and a fire warning light on the other. Struggling as he reached forward, Jere passed him a blood-stained message which read, ‘Hit badly arm and leg losing blood.”‘

“I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts.” -John Locke, philosopher


~ by Kimberly Mason on July 25, 2008.

One Response to “Happy Birthday, Daddy!”

  1. Your dad saved my dad’s life in that airplane!
    So, me, my two sisters, my brother, and our nine children wouldn’t have birthdays if he hadn’t done what he did.
    Happy Birthday indeed!

    Tonya Stoneman

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