The Path to Creative Revival Continues…

In my first blog post, on July 2, 2008, I wrote:

“Today is the first day of my attempt at 30 days of creativity revival. I am on a mission to rediscover the direction of my art. I’m already on a path, there is just so much overgrowth and brush that I can’t see where I am or where I am going.”

That first post was illustrated by pictures from the quilt I was working on at the time (shown above), and have since put away to stack, to whack, to make purses as class models and to practice my free motion quilting. The unfinished work is back on my design wall today, I have really missed working on it.

Now I’m looking back and wondering if my “30 days of creativity revival” in July was a success. I looked back at my posts and I see that:

  • I’ve gotten a lot more confident in my ability to put a sentence together. AND I don’t use NEARLY as many words with all caps OR as many exclamation points!!
  • I have actually FINISHED a quilt top or two.
  • We started the Spice Girls Quilt Gang.
  • I began my journey with The Artist’s Way.
  • I scheduled the dates to teach quilt classes this fall and produced several class models.
  • And most importantly, I made some new quilting friends.

Well, if I do have to say so myself (and I do) then I would have to say that I done good and deserve a POTB for my efforts. I also, however, realize that I have a long, long way to go. But since it is the journey I find so fascinating, and not the actual destination, I’m looking forward to that long, oft traveled road.

“Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.” –John Updike

“The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.” –Frank Lloyd Wright


~ by Kimberly Mason on August 25, 2008.

One Response to “The Path to Creative Revival Continues…”

  1. I love the quotes and enjoy your blog. Thanks!

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