Spice Girls Quilters Lap Up Lattes, Play Fetch & Gather FOCUS

The Spice Girls were a little subdued yesterday. The weather was damp and cold, the traffic was light. It was just Linda, Joey and I.

Who’s Joey? Just the greatest quilt shop Poodle dog ever!

But this is just the quiet before the storm. We’ll have a Labor Day weekend full of tourists and travel trailers streaming through town on their way to the lakes. School starts on Tuesday. Thursday is our first Quilts of Valor meeting with the Spice Girls Quilt Gang. Friday is the $5 Quilt Club meeting at Quilter’s Junction. And Saturday I have a full class for Kaleidoscope Table Runners at Sugar n’ Spice.

Whew! I need another Vanilla Latte just thinking about all that fun!

“Creativity of all kinds focuses your mind, engages your imagination, and feeds your soul.  Being creative can also facilitate understanding and encourage healing.  Creativity is mindfulness in motion: intuitive, artistic motion. Creative moments and activities give you a boost and help you feel energized and good about yourself.”Sue Patton Thoele

~ by Kimberly Mason on August 29, 2008.

One Response to “Spice Girls Quilters Lap Up Lattes, Play Fetch & Gather FOCUS”

  1. thank you so much for your comment on my blog. as for your musings on starting over in your post below this one, i think of it as visiting an art museum. i’ve been there before and although sometimes they change the exhibitions, for the most part its the same but i get inspired by something different every time. so even though we do things over and over with the intent to do it ‘right’ ‘this time’ i think each time really is a little different because of the mindset we bring to it. i am constantly ‘starting over’ with my fitness and eating habits and i think we have to give ourselves that – starting over- because as human beings we fall short and if we dont keep giving ourselves more opportunities to learn and grow, we really would be stunted and depressed. so starting over is a joy and a hallelujah! keep on keeping on kimberly!

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