The Zen of Quiltmaking & The Artist’s Way

My focus this week: the Zen of Quiltmaking and “Recovering a Sense of Power” (week 3 of The Artist’s Way). Who doesn’t need a little Zen and Power?

Just for this week, I have tacked up my Zen Monkey flannel instead of the usual black flannel for my design wall. While the pattern is too busy to function effectively as a backdrop to design, it reminds me to not take myself too seriously and “Don’t worry, Be happy,” as the song goes.

I’m rather impressed with my little lotus flower design or is it a lazy nine patch? I adore wonkiness.

“We will discover the nature of our particular genius when we stop trying to conform to our own or to other people’s models, learn to be ourselves, and allow our natural channel to open.” -Shakti Gawain

I conducted a Google search for “zen quilting” and came up with quite a few interesting websites. There is “The Zen of Quilting” at the Six Banyans website. “Quilting Zen” at the Subversive Stitchers blog (wonder if the Ruthless Quilters know about them?). There was the “Zen and the Art of Quilting” book on Amazon (not too highly rated). And then, my favorite, “The BraZEN ZEN Bra Quilt” made to honor breast cancer survivors.

I would like to share with you what “Zen” means to me:

“Peace through understanding and acceptance.  Truly embracing the moment. Mindfulness to the task at hand and the people around you.

“Seeing that where you are is good and with God. Allowing yourself to be led to new destinations and giving yourself over to an appreciation of the pathway and a willingness to explore it’s turnings.

“Allowing yourself to be charmed and delighted by the beauty that surrounds you. Finding beauty where others believe there is none to be found.

“Surrounding yourself with your work, your dreams, your purpose and immersing yourself in the joy of it. Believing in the importance of each step you take and each smile give. Loving yourself and the world enough to honor forgiveness.

“Contemplating life and fear and love and war and peace and sadness and continuing to find God in it all.” -Kimberly Mason, Active Contemplate, Zen Quilter

Zen in not just sitting on a pillow with your legs crossed in a rather uncomfortable position, with your eyes closed, contemplating the vastness of the universe (see monkey above). It’s about living in the moment. Doing and Being and Living. It’s a call to action.

TODAY’S EXERCISE: 3.1 miles (1.2 miles intervals, 1.9 miles walking)

Wonkiness Defined: 1. something which possesses a Willy Wonka-like quality or character. 2. out of kilter, off center, twisted or funky. 3. Kim’s favorite new word.


~ by Kimberly Mason on September 17, 2008.

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