Paris Hilton Promoting My Debut CD

My debut CD, It’s All About Me!, has hit the shelves of WallyWorld. My new hit song, “Bloated Ego,” is due to float the airwaves any day now.

I’m really big in Norway and Japan. In fact, they are naming a genre after me, “Big (red)Head Blues.” Paris Hilton is crazy about my work. We’re almost best friends, we’re so close, we’re even starting to look alike. (Hey Paris, if you’re out there, email me!).

But seriously, go to Photofunia and put your picture on the side of a building or the cover of a CD.  What a giggle! You can even put your face on the side of a six-pack (the HUMAN kind of six-pack, not cans). Click on the naked guy for a closer look at his tat, it’s unbelievably awesome Honest.

“Laughter is the closest distance between two people.” –Victor Borge

I have added a few new favorite blogs to my Blogroll:

Check them out, they’ve got a ton of fun and fabulous quilt related content and photos.

“If we all did the things we are capable of doing we would literally astound ourselves.” -Thomas Edison


~ by Kimberly Mason on September 20, 2008.

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