I’m Eating While I Work Out

Yup, I’m eating blackberries while I walk. I love this time of year! The leaves start to turn color, the blackberries are ripening, cool breezes and warm sun.

I’ve added to my “Why do I work out?” list. I’ve been catching glimpses of Kelly “OMG She’s Ripped” Ripa on TV. Dang woman is a health hazard for the rest of us spongy-types. I hate to sound like I’m taking this personally, but really, isn’t any one person limited to the amount of perfection they can lay claim to? Apparently she will grace the cover of the November issue of Shape Magazine…I’ll let you know later if I give in a buy it. Argh!!

“Forgiveness is not an occasional act; it is a permanent attitude.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yeah, that’s right, I forgive Miss Ripa her perfection. I just hope that you will forgive me when I achieve the biceps and shoulders of my dreams and wear sleeveless tops even in mid-winter and constantly search for reasons to  open jars in public or talk dramatically using body builder-like poses to help me make my point. Or whatever. Take that, Ripa.

TODAY’S EXERCISE: 2×12 of Deadlift (45#), DB Shoulder Press (10#), Lat Pulldown (40#), BW Lunges, Stability Ball Curl-ups. 1.8 miles walking.

~ by Kimberly Mason on September 30, 2008.

One Response to “I’m Eating While I Work Out”

  1. I’m totally with you with wearing shoulder revealing shirts if I ever manage to get shoulders worth showing off !

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