Giving Thanks on Tuesday

25buddyI’m grateful for my best friend, Buddy the WonderDog (shown right). I couldn’t ask for a more loving, loyal, or more joy-filled companion. Miss Priss JessieDog (shown in the header, above), is as OCD as a dog as she could be, but you’ll never feel safer or more loved than you do with her. I am also grateful for Joey, Blitz, Hank and Heidi. Great dogs, all!

I’m grateful for Morning Prayer. It’s what helps to ground me each day. I confess my sins, give thanks, pray for forgiveness, petition God’s favor, listen to readings, and receive blessings (my favorite part). When it is over I feel that I can “go forth into the world, rejoicing in the power of the Spirit,” relaxed and ready to face my day. It’s like a spiritual massage and takes only 15 minutes, give it a try! (You may click the link above or subscribe in iTunes.)

ughAnd I’m grateful that this horrible picture of me will never be published online and no one will ever see it! Run, Kim, run! (Haha! We all need humbling now and then, eh?)

“There are men who hate me; Let me love them. There are men I have wronged; Let them forgive me.” -Saying Of The Dinka Tribe


~ by Kimberly Mason on November 25, 2008.

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