Buddha Panda Party Quilt Begins to Play

15designwallbuddhapandaWow. I know, huh? This quilt top is so loud I feel like I should be wearing ear plugs.

But! My 17 year old son, Shane, loves pandas, loves peaceful Buddhas, so here we are: a Buddha Panda Party Quilt.

This will be his Christmas present. Am I worried that he will see it on my blog? Hahahaha! Not at all! As Marty once said to me when I suggested that he read an entry in my blog, “What??? You mean you want me to not only have to listen to you and hear about your day, but you want me to READ about it too???”

“One man’s creativity is another’s brain damage.” -Roland Fischer


~ by Kimberly Mason on December 15, 2008.

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