Cold Winds & Snow, Heavy Rains & Flooding, are Locusts & Frogs Next?

07hwy12It’s not a pretty picture, I know, but it’s the current picture (and worse) for much of Lewis County in Western Washington.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it rained frogs or a locust swarm flew by, for it seems we have an event of Biblical proportions emerging.

And you think I’m kidding.

I caught a ride into town with my Dad this morning so I could bring Marty’s truck home from the employee parking lot, then dashed into Safeway for a few supplies. I saw a lot of people with fear on their faces. This is scary business.

Please send some prayers this way, there are many people here who still haven’t completely recovered from the flood of December 2007.

“Our lives are journeys that often detour us to places we least expect. But that’s all right. Journeys rarely go as planned. Having a guide is better than making it alone. Thanks be to God who endures with us, and the Lord Christ who, if asked, travels with us wherever we go.” -Luz Beatriz Arrellano, Nicaraguan nun

TODAY’S EXERCISE: White-knuckle driving, 45 minutes.


~ by Kimberly Mason on January 7, 2009.

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