A New Call (Call Me Jr. Warden Kim) & Step 8 in the ARTIST’S WAY

I spent 5 months working through the first three steps of the ARTIST’S WAY. And it was a struggle the whole way. This is supposed to be a 12-week program, I was on track to finish it in just under 2 YEARS.

When I finally pushed myself up to step 4 – the dreaded Reading Deprivation step – I lingered there only two weeks (a painful two weeks). Then on to step 5, where I was reminded to trust God to provide a way for me to accomplish the tasks that he calls me to.

I moved on to step 6 just one week later. (I didn’t share step 6 with you, though I remember telling Linda that I wasn’t surprised to find that step 6 dealt with the very thing that I had been worrying over and fussing about for the last two weeks: money.) I started step 7 on Saturday, God was pushing me along quickly now, preparing me for Sunday’s call.

“Taking a new step, uttering a new word is what people fear most.” -Fyodor Dostoyevski

I’ve been asking God to give me a job, to let me serve in a more concrete way. I’m available on Sunday mornings to provide childcare (I haven’t seen a kid in months) and I bell bells and sing songs during worship service and attend choir practice once a week. But I just wanted something more. Well, as the saying goes, be careful what you ask for.

When I left for church yesterday morning, I was aware that I had been nominated for the vestry. With four seats open and only four nominated, I was a shoe in – though I did have this fearful fantasy of hearing my name announced as a candidate and then watch someone stand up, point an accusing finger at me and yell, “What?? Her??”

No one stood up and pointed, I was elected to serve on the vestry, an hour later I attended my first meeting.

“Imagination is more important that knowledge.” -Albert Einstein

I sure hope you’re right, Al, cuz I’ve got plenty of imagination and not a lot of knowledge for my next assigned task: Junior Warden.

What’s that? What am I expected to do? Hmmm, I’m not entirely sure, but I’m willing to bet that God will make it possible for me to find the time (see step 4), the talent (step 5), and the funds (step 6). I believe he will bless me with the ears to listen to Him, the heart to forgive myself and others, and the courage to risk looking foolish (step 7).

And now (step 8), I have to believe that He will give me the strength to ask “How?” instead of “Why me?” and the energy to ask “What’s next?” instead of “What now?”

“We learn by going where we have to go.” -Theodore Roethke

I have coached soccer and baseball, designed computer databases, taught quilt making, and planned conferences and legislative receptions for 400. Each of those tasks began with the question, “Can you do it?” and each time I had to answer, “Not yet.”

“Man can learn nothing except by going from the known to the unknown.” -Claude Bernard

P.S. I hope that after reading my long, serious blogpost you were able to get a giggle from the “Awesome” picture above. And if you are from my church, I hope that you don’t point an accusing finger at me and yell “Her??” the next time you see me. I know I’m silly, but I truly believe that Jesus loves a good giggler.

Oh, and speaking of “awesome,” the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks is “awesome.”


~ by Kimberly Mason on January 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “A New Call (Call Me Jr. Warden Kim) & Step 8 in the ARTIST’S WAY”

  1. Having been junior warden of my parish in Virginia (a very warm, loving, Spirit-filled place) I can tell you a little about my experience. RUN (do not walk) to the nearest exit!! Just kidding. Nothing in my prior life experience prepared me for the task but I learned a lot, supervised all funding for a major renovation and forced the insertion of a baby changing station in the men’s room. (I am, if nothing else, a radical!!) Vestry alone was very challenging for me. I discovered that there were a number of “agendas” and that we were not all working for the same purpose. I am glad that I served. Best of luck with your new journey.

  2. Kim, you are an inspiration to me. I am enjoying your blog so much. I just looked out a window that I don’t often look out and saw that I have a pussy willow full of catkins. In all this nasty weather – snow, cold and mud slide. Actually I don’t think it got much mud. God does give us hope and joy through these unexpected things.

  3. OMG. You continue to amaze me. Yup, I’ve been a junior warden (being a senior warden was more fun — just know that may only be a step away); served on vestries (some fun, some exhausting). I’ve never coached a team but I, too, have planned those big conferences, and though I’ve never designed database software my husband has, and I’ve designed databases and written manuals on how to use database software to do it. And, unlike you, I never made it all the way through the Artist’s Way. As soon as it introduced me to the idea of being a photographer I wandered off down that path and never returned… So I truly admire your stick-to-it-ive-ness!


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