On the Road Again, the Road of Procrastination

Yesterday I shared a portion of my study in The Artist’s Way: addiction to anxiety in lieu of action. It was a real eye-opener for me and I really felt like I had learned and grown through the study. How proud of myself I am. Was.

Let me explain. This morning I woke up, later than usual, I lolled about in bed, telling myself I deserved to lay about a bit, I have a quilt class tomorrow, I need my rest, besides, I’ve been busy. When I finally got up, I made coffee. I let the dogs out. Fed the dogs. Glanced at my design wall. I ate breakfast. Twice. I checked my email. Twice. I called my dad. Twice. I turned on my iron and changed presser feet on my sewing machine. I called Marty. I re-ordered the podcasts on my iPod. I checked to make sure the DVR was set properly. I thought about all I needed to do to get ready for my class tomorrow. I pulled the dog’s bedding out of their kennels to wash. I wondered if I should wash the bathroom floor rugs too. I decided I would start on class prep as soon as I had finished Morning Prayer and watched Wanda Sykes on the Comedy Channel. Before I could get to my sewing machine I had to go to the bathroom. While I was in there I decided that now would be a great time to pull the rugs, sweep the floor and then give the floor a thorough scrubbing…

WHAT??? Since when do I ever think scrubbing the bathroom floor is a terrific idea? That’s when I knew I was in the Zone of Anxiety & Procrastination.

So deep into the Zone that I couldn’t even see the irony when, before sitting down to start preparing for my quilt class, I decided I had better start the next chapter in The Artist’s Way, there I was hit with:

“Do not call procrastination laziness. Call it fear.” -Week 9: Recovering a Sense of Compassion

Ouch. If this sort of thing keeps happening, I’m going to have to start believing in God or something.

“The Christian life is a journey. We do not stand still, we stay on the move. We are active and mobile; we take risks beyond our comfort zones; we rest and we grow. Fortunately, as we travel this long road, we are not alone. God provides companions through what is called The Church, and God uses our sisters and brothers in Christ to help us and teach us.” -Scott Ford, d365.org

TODAY’S EXERCISE: Working to end Procrastination. Facing up to Fear.

20serenescenekaleidoscopeUPDATE: The Serene Kaleidoscope Scene Sampler Quilt is finished and ready to be delivered to Linda at Sugar ‘n Spice tomorrow.

The class will be wonderful and exhausting, as usual, I’m sure AND I’ll have lots of pictures to share tomorrow. It’s always nerve-wracking preparing to teach a new class – there is ALWAYS something that has been left out of the pattern or something essential you have left at home – I am thankful that quilters are a wonderfully generous and forgiving bunch.


~ by Kimberly Mason on February 20, 2009.

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