When Heaven Dips Down to Meet Us


When the clouds dip down to meet us where we are, it feels as if heaven itself is reaching down to bless us with a kiss. The fog, as it rises, brims with mystery and sanctifies those it touches. They carry a peace that seems filled with the very Spirit of God.

This was my view as I left yoga class this morning. Snow drifting lazily to the ground, mists rising and falling. The air crisp and clean, the breeze gentle and honest.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” -Wayne Dyer

I really needed an attitude adjustment this week. I just had too much. Too much of everything. I was out of whack, off center (or should I say more off center than usual). I wasn’t even able to think completely through a thought, much less read a paragraph and understand it.

At Thursday night’s yoga class I was so off center I couldn’t hold a balanced pose for more than a moment or two at a time. I was literally off center and unbalanced and very frustrated with myself.

After class I asked Shanna Angel (what a great name for a yoga instructor, right?) what I should have done to achieve better balance and focus. She said that I should “learn to just be here and breathe.” She told me not to worry about performing, to let my intentions go and I could even just lay down on my mat and just be.

Today I be so much better. How beautiful to just be.


TODAY’S EXERCISE: Power Vinyasa Yoga, 1.5 hours


~ by Kimberly Mason on March 7, 2009.

One Response to “When Heaven Dips Down to Meet Us”

  1. Hi Kim, I’ve nominated you for the “Sisterhood Award”. Hope you are having a good day!

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