Ahhhhh: Words from the Wise Reverend Honey

The season of Lent felt like one long exhale. A deep, throaty, tension-reducing “aahhh.”

Like the “aahhh” my yoga teacher releases and encourages us to emulate after she twists us into pretzels until sweat drips from our foreheads onto our yoga mats and then releases us from the pose with one big “aahhh”. Do one with me right now. Take in a deep breath through your nose, hold it for a second, then drop your jaw and slowly release the air from the back of your throat, let’s hear your “ahhhh” come pouring out of the very depth of your pent up emotion and stress and anxiety.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Once more, “Ahhhhhhhhh!” And again, really let this one go, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Doesn’t that feel good? Whenevertomhoney you feel tension start to build up, remember the “aahhh.” It will do wonders for your complexion.

Now that you have cleared your mind, eased your stress, sit back and listen to the wise words of the  Reverend Tom Honey, an Anglican priest. You can catch him on YouTube or at TED: “How could God have allowed the tsunami?”

I say “wise words” because I agree with him, of course, but you, however, may not. If you listen to him, let me know what you think. This is only one of many of my Post-Lenten studies on struggling with God in times of pain and sorrow. After the long, prayer-filled exhales of the Lenten season, I’m inhaling, as best I can, the words and works of a variety of thinkers.

“To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.” –George Orwell

TODAY’S EXERCISE: 2.96 miles of hiking around the farm with my best friend, Buddy the WonderDog.

PS: I have an online photo album that I’ve just made “public”. Would you like to see it? I have several albums:  the Quilt Show album, Purses, Family, Church Images, Road Scenes, My Best Friends (Pets), etc. See you there!


~ by Kimberly Mason on April 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ahhhhh: Words from the Wise Reverend Honey”

  1. Wow – your pictures are great! I want to be there!

  2. It does seem that Lent is a season of inhaling and holding breath, and Easter a season of extended “Aaaahhhhhs.” The regularity of our breathing–inhaling and exhaling–is like life: a cycle of lents and Easters, of woundings and healings, of darkness and light (you get the idea!).

    Rev. Honey gives voice to many of my own ponderings. It is definitely a challenge to speak them in open community and not risk coming under fire. I think it’s important to ask the questions and to live into the answers, as Rilke says, which can only happen when one engages them and then lets them go, to return in some form of response that is beyond our control and our expectations.

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