Shane at the Improv (That’s MY Boy!)

My son, Shane (17), performed at an Improv Night with Drama Club last night. These shots were taken during the “World’s Worst _____” skit, here he is acting out the part of the “World’s Worst Dolphin Trainer.” I love the way the shots progress, looking at the other kids on stage: first interest, then the dawn of understanding, followed by scandalized shock and  uproarious laughter.

That’s my boy!


~ by Kimberly Mason on April 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Shane at the Improv (That’s MY Boy!)”

  1. It must have been very funny judging by the reactions! Thanks for sharing a proud Mom moment.

  2. Oh, Yeah! Improv is the best! (she says, just having come home from an improv class) (at least I didn’t accidentally act out “death by flatulence” this week!) And I’ve held a goose in my arms (and had it peck my lips; we had raised it from a gosling and it was saying goodbye) — also awesome, but considerably more substantial than a hummingbird! That must be amazing…

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