Too Much Too Much TOO MUCH

29porchToday I would like to be here, in that picture. Dappled shadows, sun mixed with darkness, creating patterns on dilapidated surfaces on my front porch. The sweet songs of my friends, the birds, calling me to listen and love. Friends who I have lured through the offering of seed and nut and suet, fresh water and a safe place to land. Here is where I want to be, reading this morning’s prayer from a great volume packed with the poetry of the ages. Listening for God’s voice, reaching out with my own. Hovering over a peace that comes so seldom into our lives that most of us don’t even know it exists anymore.

That’s where I want to be this morning.

28screenshotWhere am I? I am here. Here clinging onto the back of a reluctant mouse, forcing it head this way and that, clinging to frustration and sinking into despair. Will this ever be over and done? I cry. Will the words and pictures stop dancing off the page and into oblivion? Will it ever be right? Will everyone be happy? Where is God in the click click clicking of the keys? Can’t I just have God in the silence and leave the labor and toils (of love) behind? I want the “footsteps in the sand” experience. I want to “feed His sheep” without having to smell the dung or gather the wool. Aren’t there “people” to do this?

Okay. Back to work. Outrage and rank rancor and whine completed. On to finishing the work of the day.

UPDATE: “Ahhhhh!” (Remember the ‘sighs’ from last week?) The Beacon (the newsletter for my church) is created, printed, copied, folded, stamped, addressed and snail mailed or emailed all away and gone. Feels good!

Silence and the written word (plus a couple of cookies, sweet spicey tea and a pizza) are mine for the evening. Tomorrow the luxury of yoga and a third try at my Art Quilt Group challenge. Life is so gooood!



~ by Kimberly Mason on April 29, 2009.

4 Responses to “Too Much Too Much TOO MUCH”

  1. Well said. You make that chair on the porch sound so very inviting.

  2. Nothing inspires a headache and a rant like a computer! Your porch looks heavenly…

    My husband got a job (FT tenure track professorship at a university – yay!) so we will be moving – not too far – an hour and a half away – but I will have to give up my Junior Warden-ship. And I just got started! We knew this could happen, but didn’t necessarily expect it. Oh well – I’m checking out churches in my new area – wonder how long it will take me to be in the thick of things again?

  3. Wow. What a lovely post. Seems to be so reaching out to all of us. I feel called to your porch. 🙂

  4. This photo pops into my brain at random times because it looks beyond relaxing. Front porches simply call to me. And a comfortable place to sit calls even more. I like to rest along the way to where ever I’m going. No rush – the party won’t get going until I get there

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