Gimme 5 Friday: Did you know…?

1) If you drive by my house in the morning, you just might catch me standing in the middle of the road in my giant pink housecoat taking pictures of the sunrise.

2) Sometimes it clear here and foggy everywhere else.

3) I would love to learn to drive the tractor.

4) I need a new roof, but really, I’m just glad I have one.

5) The DeGoede Bulb Farm is in full bloom.

“Let nothing disturb thee, nothing affright thee; all things are passing, God never changeth! Patient endurance attaineth to all things; who God possesseth in nothing is wanting; alone God sufficeth.” – a blessing in midday prayer from the Northumbria Community


~ by Kimberly Mason on May 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Gimme 5 Friday: Did you know…?”

  1. My giant housecoat is red & you would almost never see me outside in it (I live in a rather large apartment complex) – but when we move maybe our home will be rural enough that I’ll have that luxery. I LOVE your pictures – and I’m jealous of your morning view…

  2. Yes, but is your pink housecoat FLUFFY? I have one of those really fuzzy ones. But I got a new dark green one for Christmas, which is a good thing cuz I’m out on the beach in it every morning walking the dog for all the world to see…

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