The Ladies of the Kaleidoscope


I spent all day today teaching the Kaleidoscope Sampler Quilt Class at Sugar ‘n Spice in Morton.

It was a beautiful day, outside and in! Five ladies of fun. I’m exhausted, but I feel really good about our day of sewing. I love watching 09DresdenPlatehow each and every stack n’ whack star/flower comes out, love seeing the different patterns that come from just one fabric.

To the right you see three of the dresden plates put together by our ladies. They are quite large (appliqued 09Starsonto 18″ squares) and my picture does NOT do them justice! Aren’t they stunning??!!!

To the left are just a few of the starflower blocks sewn today. Each and every student used the EXACT SAME fabric, and the way it was cut and sewn together made each starflower individual in design. It’s always a happy surprise when that final seam is sewn and you open it up to say, “WOO HOO look at this one!”

“Whatever is flexible and flowing will tend to grow; whatever is rigid and blocked will wither and die.” -Tao Te Ching, Lao Tsu’s teachings

With this quilt you really have to learn to “roll with the punches.” Try your best to be as accurate as you can in cutting and sewing and to treat your fabric gently in pressing – but after that, just let it go, let the patterns fall where to may and enjoy the ride.


~ by Kimberly Mason on May 9, 2009.

One Response to “The Ladies of the Kaleidoscope”

  1. This quilt has always and continues to fascinate and charm me. Good job “Ladies of the Kaleidoscope.”

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