More Yoga, More GirlTime, & Still Trying to Love My Neighbors

I’m up early for an 8am yoga class, 9:30am Vanilla Latte and a 10am counseling session with my dear friend and quilt shop owner, Linda. Why do I need counseling? Because after pin basting Linda’s Quilt of Valor (QOV) yesterday I took it home to quilt on my new Juki and now I’m scared – 16Gloves+QOVWhat if it doesn’t turn out? What if I ruin the quilt top? Then what?? Arrrrgh!

So, yoga, Linda and a Vanilla Latte and I should be all better – Right, Linda?

The photo at left shows Linda’s QOV (the red, white and blue), my practice quilting sample (the light blue) and my new quilting/gardening gloves from Atlas Glove. I picked these up at The Feed Store in Chehalis last Sunday. These gloves are AWESOME for gripping your quilt while machine quilting AND they are less than $4 a pair AND they come in green apple, purple, hot pink, and blue AND they fit snug AND the grip extends down through your whole palm.

“You can complain because roses have thorns. Or you can rejoice that thorns have roses.” -Ziggy

RhodieI’m still trying to love my neighbors in my backyard and it’s still hard. But I am reminded this morning, with the rise of the sun into another beautiful day, how very, very lucky I am to live where I do. I would imagine that any of those people in my backyard (making noise and generally irritating the heck outta me) would give their eye teeth to switch places with me.

As I edit my photos in the Picasa program, there is a button that will generally fix all clarity, exposure and color problems without futzing around too much – that button is labeled “I’m feeling lucky.”

I’m feeling lucky, indeed.


~ by Kimberly Mason on May 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “More Yoga, More GirlTime, & Still Trying to Love My Neighbors”

  1. Love the gloves, I was never able to really get a good grip with any gloves I tried for machine quilting and ended up settling on the Sew Easy Discs as a compromise. These look great! I use the same program for preparing my photos for publishing. The Vanilla Latte sounds heavenly right about now…

  2. I would more than willingly swap locations with you! I miss Washington so much sometimes it hurts. Now with summer rolling around, I really miss mosquito-less nights!

  3. With my husband out of town this week I am hoping to seize the opportunity to do some serious cleaning up around the house so that I can unearth a work space to set up the sewing machine. If that is possible, unearthing the various stashes of fabric in storage will be next in the hopes that I have some suitable for a QOV. Would so love to do that.

    And if it helps any on the neighbor thing… I married into a hunting family, and my step-son is having his chocolate lab trained to hunt. She is such a honey (we cared for her for a month last year while our son was transitioning from the army into civilian life), and loving both of them opens a window into looking differently at those with whom I never thought I had anything in common. I even surprised myself by enjoyed touring the National Wild Turkey Federation museum last month. The whole hunting thing is so foreign to me, but now that the men in my life are part of that world I discover that I have the capacity to look at it with a bit more kindness. I’m still a pacifist, but I’m proud of my military men and love them dearly.

  4. Of course it will be alright, Kim. Of course you can do it. All better?

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