A Call for Artistic Aid: Kaleidoscope Seas Banner

20KaliSeas+StuckI’m stuck. I’ve gone this far in my design and now I’m stuck.

I’m usually quite comfortable with being stuck. I just let the pieces sit on my design wall and allow my brain (heart?) to struggle with the design quietly and without much worry or strain. But this morning I feel the need to put out the call for Artistic Aid: what next?

Click on the picture of the quilt banner for a larger view. See the black line about 2/3 of the way down the quilt? Below that line is where I have not yet sewn the pieces together, so we can still make changes below that line. Above that line, well, it is where and what it is and I don’t “unsew” unless – no, I just don’t unsew. I can add to it, rearrange it, applique, lengthen, whatever it needs, but no seam ripping.

When I started this I thought it was for Trinity Sunday, and it may still be, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how it relates. Can you?

My blocks are 9″, so this piece is 36″ wide and (for now) about 50″ long.

One of you out there has my answer, I don’t know who you are, but if you feel led to lend an hand in the design, please leave me a comment or you can email me at kz@tds.net. Thank you!!

“The happiness of one’s own heart alone cannot satisfy the soul; one must try to include, as necessary to one’s own happiness, the happiness of others.” -Paramahansa Yogananda


~ by Kimberly Mason on May 20, 2009.

8 Responses to “A Call for Artistic Aid: Kaleidoscope Seas Banner”

  1. Kim,
    Your quilt is beautiful! I can see your dilema if you want to use it for Trinity Sunday. I thought of a possible solution. What if you appliqued a lovely border around the lowest 3 interlocking circles? I think it might be stunning. Just a thought. I am not a quilter or even an artist. But my husband is a painter and I critique his work often. He says it really helps.
    I came to your site through Contemplative Photography where Diane posted the poem you had sent her. It was perfect. If you have time check out my blog. Thanks Edelle Rose

  2. Love the design and I can see the concept behind the idea of using it for Trinity Sunday. However, the fourth row of interlocking stars throws it off for me with regard to the concept of three in one/one from three. I have absolutely creative ideas to pass along, just what I am seeing. It’s beautiful. The colors are gorgeous and have a peaceful, calming effect.

  3. I don’t have an answer for you, but I do have an observation. First, I think this is absolutely beautiful. I love the colors and the pattern. It reminds me of how light/color reflects/refracts off water when you are sitting in a boat (canoe, kayak, small rowboat) and the water is choppy and slapping the hull where it meets the water. This is one, visual impression.

    The observation is that it reminds me of iconography, and how the layers and flatness draw the viewer into the icon while simultaneously causing the divine within the icon to be drawn to the viewer. When writing the icon you start with the darkest layers and work toward the lighter ones, literally covering darkness with light. This quilt reminds me of the reality of light and dark as they coexist. The eye is drawn to the lighter shades, then to the dark, back and forth, while the coexistence of the two makes it a coherent whole. It is a spiritual reality organic in nature, and the colors are, to me, very organic.


  4. Your piece is gorgeous. It makes me think of a hymn we Lutherans like to sing, “Earth and All Stars!” Nothing to do with Trinity Sunday, but a Green Season song and a Green Season banner.

  5. I absolutely love the colors, excellent choice. I think the idea of somehow highlighting the three stars would be very pretty. You did a really nice job, your church will appreciate it even if it doesn’t turn out to work for the thing you wanted it for.

  6. My Dearest Kim – First I must discount – myself. I have no idea what Trinity Sunday is exactly. I don’t know its rituals – the sermons, the procession, the detail stuff. I’m lead to believe this Sunday is a big deal Sunday because of the importance you’ve placed on this banner. I’ll most likely “dogpile ” it later. Second I must say what I believe for certain. The Trinity is a mystery. I delight in it because I am a nerd who delights in Big WTF Holy Cow Mysteries not so much in who-done-it TV mysteries. The Trinity makes me joydance because I’m never going to understand it completely, but I get to experience and delight in it daily.

    Now for the quilt. First of all I must state the obvious. Wow. You have God’s gift when you do these things. Blowing my mind completely when I see any of your work. Delicious. Second are my suggestions, which can be considered speed limit signs and be ignored completely. The balance is off. More dark – the yellows basket weave and purple pebbles located in the uppermost corners – may need to come to the bottom. I suggest weaving these in the lower most star located just above the point. Do you see where my finger is pointing? Right here….big smile. Please don’t be afraid of the darkness. Consider them hands – when holding hands the warmth created is truly in the clasp where it is dark. By bringing down this halo-like blend, in my messy mind, you are adding the third of the one in three/three in one. Three sets of hands forming a circle of peaceful joyous light.

    Finally and perhaps most important. Whatever you chose to do will be blessed. And I’m grateful for you. Always. Blessing across country.

  7. Hmm. I guess, for me, the Trinity is as much about three as it is about the mystery of ONE: the Three are a symbol that we are ALL one. Which may or may not explain why it is that when I look at this it looks JUST like trinity to me, even though there are more stars or circles or whatever. It just has a balance to it — like a tripod — that feels trinitarian to me. Not very helpful, but — that’s how I see it!

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