Visiting the Chapel & the Cross over Mossyrock

21ChapelIt was a beautiful day. After I picked up my son Shane from school, he and I decided to make our first visit to the  “Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel” (shown right) and trek up the mountainside to the Cross of Christ across from the DeGoede Bulb Farm in Mossyrock.

It was a long, LONG way up that hill. But it was worth every step. The hard part was the hike down. Holy Molé, my knees are retelling me the story of my trek as I type.

21StationsThere were 14 stations of the cross along the switch-back trail. Each station had a bench or two for hikers to sit and pray or catch their breath. Each station has been hand painted and encased in brick, beautiful to contemplate.

At the top 21Me+CrossShane captured an interesting shot of me standing at the cross. Yes, I’m really that short and yes, the cross is really that tall. If you drive down Highway 12 at night you can see the cross for several miles. It is a wonderful landmark that brings me a settled peace each time I see it.

BIRD WATCHING UPDATE: Jay-1My three gentleman Black-headed Grosbeaks have brought their three girlfriends to our feeders. Very pushy dames, they are. We also have a rather large Western Scrub-Jay that stops by now and then. And I’ve been keeping my eye on a young Robin calling “Feed me! Feed me!” as he hops his fat, downy body along behind his parents.

KALEIDOSCOPE SEAS UPDATE: 21KaliSeasWallI am incorporating everyone’s suggestions into my banner. What fun! BTW, I don’t think that it is a Trinity Sunday banner at all, I think it’s an Ascension Day banner. Ha! I’ve spent most of my day literally immersed in Ascension Day study (and prayer). Very interesting! The banner may not be done for this Sunday, but I’m going to try. It is a journey and it is whether I get there at all that matters, not when. (Right?)

“In the midst of gathering darkness, light becomes more evident.” -Bonnie Bostrom


~ by Kimberly Mason on May 21, 2009.

9 Responses to “Visiting the Chapel & the Cross over Mossyrock”

  1. Perfect for Ascension – the light, brightness of the center is fabulous!!

  2. The inner light shines through, literally and figuratively!

  3. Right!

  4. Your Ascention Day Banner is an inspiration.
    And thanks for the pictures of the Chapel in Mossyrock. I travel through there on my way to the beach 8-10 times a year, (from Yakima). I’m going to make a point of stopping next time.

    • Thank you so much!

      If you stop by the Chapel in Mossyrock, make sure you have your walking shoes on. I wore flipflops and it was NOT a good choice for the steep terrain! Well worth the visit, very pretty area.

  5. Mmmm…Our Lady of Guadalupe. She holds a special place in my soul. My son, Adam, died on her Saint Day. I believe she fetched him when the time was right as any good mother does. This appears so enchanting, Kim. And I think it’s so cool to take field trips with our children to places like this – up a steep steep hill. Surely despite their lives filled with ipods, video games, rapid fire tv and text messaging, when at a place like this, they can sense this awesome God and His quietness and imagine something different and I always hope replace the blue glow of the tv with that of the sky.

  6. I just had the pleasure of visiting this little chapel in Mossyrock for the first time this past weekend. What an awesome, spiritual, little haven. Yes, I did the trail too and dearly paid for it! But it definitely was worth it. Beautiful!

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  8. We always stop by to see it and wonder why there isn’t any holy water

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