The Healing Touch of a World of Quilters & Friends

A quote from fell into my email inbox this morning:

“The more alert we become to the blessing that flows into us through everything we touch, the more our own touch will bring blessing.” -David Steindl-Rast, A Listening Heart

There’s a lesson for Quilters there, a lesson many of us already know, but perhaps haven’t been able to articulate as beautifully as David Steindle-Rast.

Like Christians or Bass fishermen or NASCAR fans, Quilters are a nation unto themselves. And like any nation, there are many sects, many colors, and as many different clubs and levels of proficiency and commitment as you can imagine.

There are Quilters who like to accomplish. Quilters who love to socialize. Quilters who love the process, the giving, the quest, the recognition, the adventure. There are Quilters who love the meditative quality of a needle plied. Quilters who join group after group, class after class, who churn out work of comfort and beauty and pour their love out to all within their circle. There are quilters who have a love of beauty that is so strong that they cannot resist owning a small piece of it for themselves in the form of printed cloth, whether they turn that cloth into a project or whether they fold it lovingly and place it on their shelves for safe keeping, they find their joy there.

Most quilters are very tactile. Watch a committed quilter as she wanders through her favorite shop, listen for the delighted quiet gasp of indrawn breath, and then watch as she reaches out to lovingly stroke the fabric. She can’t help it, she must touch it, as though her hands can absorb the color and form, her palms drink in beauty and peace.

A quilt show is a place of torture for me. You aren’t allowed to TOUCH. I walk around with my hands shoved into my pockets, whenever you can hear a gasp of wonder escape my lips you’ll see my shoulders twitch and my elbows jerk outwards, begging me to free my hands for one small touch. The experience seems incomplete, like looking at a slice of chocolate cake and then telling yourself you were able to truly savor the whole of the cake from absorbing it through your eyes. Torture.

Quilters understand the power of a quilt to heal. Whether the quilt is made from hand-dyed fabrics, deliciously combined and meticulously sewn into a work of true art and form; whether the quilt is awkwardly, but enthusiastically sewn by the hands of a newborn Quilter; or whether the quilt is made from laboriously gathered remnants from the wardrobe of a loved one passed on — no matter where that quilt came from, who pieced it, or even what the intention of the maker was when she started out, that quilt can heal.

You have the power to heal hearts with your gifts. You are a blessing from God, keep this knowledge in your heart and let the healing power that is within you flow. There is an endless stream of healing power, you cannot run short of blessings, God will continue to provide that blessing as long as you continue to allow your heart to reach out with whatever gift you have to share.

I don’t want to leave my non-quilting Sisters behind, I want you to know – to really KNOW – that you, too, have the power to heal hearts with the beauty of the gifts that flow from you. A smile, a hug, a beautifully crafted meal, a loving prayer, a kind word — whenever you create beauty, however you craft kindness, wherever you see a need and you work to fill that need, you create more healing than you can ever realize, ever understand.

Know this. Know this and be grateful. Be happy, be blessed and, most importantly, Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow.


~ by Kimberly Mason on May 23, 2009.

7 Responses to “The Healing Touch of a World of Quilters & Friends”

  1. A lesson for us all indeed. Perfectly timed in my own life. Beautifully written (as always). My heart is alert and listening. My quilting life need gentleness and acceptance with in all that I create and do. I WANT for so much however there is peace in what I can do and I sense something yet unfound, some yet to be found gift.

  2. When my first husband fell in love with Kathryn (the 15th or so woman, but the woman I left him over) they were off traveling somewhere together and he got food poisoning. He called to tell me, and I was making a quilt at the time (it was almost done). So for the next few hours as I sewed, I visualized him lying under the quilt, and visualized it full of healing energy.

    When he called the next day it was to say that for that period of time that I’d been working and visualizing he’d felt a warm energy flowing over and into him, and that energy had carried him through the worst of the sickness. (Kathryn was not amused). So, yes, quilts can heal — especially if we want them to. But that quilt wasn’t strong enough to heal the marriage. Maybe by then I just didn’t want it to be healed…

  3. Kim!
    thank you so much for your heartfelt post. I am so thankful to be a recipient of your beautiful thoughts and feelings. If it weren’t for quilters like you, I wouldn’t have a reason to do what I do. See, we all give generously of our heart and His love, that we get so freely.
    warmest regards! Annie

  4. very lovely Kim. thank you very much for this post and your thoughts and words.

  5. I am proud to be part of a group of quilters (almost 50 in number) who met through Weight Watchers Online. Even though most of us have never met in person, we are truly friends. We share our joys and sorrows on a daily basis. We’ve given quilts, gift baskets, and weekly surprises during grieving, surgery, and treatment for cancer. I am the recipient of the latest healing project after getting a diagnosis of breast cancer. This amazing group of friends put out a call for blocks for my quilt and there was such a huge response (51 blocks–several made more than one block) that they made a lap quilt in addition to the original bedsized quilt they had planned. I have received so many blessings from making quilts for the crisis nursery, NICU, and women’s shelter, but being on the receiving end of a surprise work of “heart” is a totally different experience.

  6. I abslutely loved this post, and read and relished each word. God bless you! I feel a strong pull lately to create for and bless others. Thank you for this post.

  7. I have read and reread this a million times. Truth: I am NOT a weepy girl. Truth: I get that deep down connectedness in my gut when I read this causing my lips to quiver and pull in to the left like they do when emotion is so big it outweighs the sea. Truth: I have written a gratitude post and email several times and have not been courageous enough to hit send.

    This is big sigh holy cow wow. Beyond beautiful, my dear friend. And you included me?! Really? I’m not much. Please know I’m really quite small.

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