A Quilt for Stosh (only 20 years in the making)

This quilt29StoshQuilt was about 20 years in the making. It was 1989, I was 27 years old and teaching quilting at the Quilt Barn in Puyallup, Washington. Sally Schneider was teaching an Ocean Waves class with her brand new technique for quick triangles (a technique that is now Quilters 101, we’ve come a LONG way, baby!) and Jan Davis had a Pinwheels class that had you excited just reading the class description:

“Don’t miss this one! This class is for everyone…beginners to advanced, and especially for today’s busy woman. You’ll be so excited with this technique that the possibilities will be limitless!”

That was twenty years ago, and I29StoshLabel‘m just getting around to using the blocks. I must have been busy that summer, Harriet Hargrave was in town and I was teaching a Log Cabin Star class and a series of color studies. I had just had my third child the previous fall. Time flies.

I never intended for the ocean waves and the pinwheels blocks to end up on the same quilt, but I used the same fabrics for both so they blend well. I split my ocean waves blocks in half to border the pinwheels top. I really like it and I think Stosh does too, after all, his favorite – and I mean ALL-TIME favorite – color is blue!

The “sun” in the corner is new. I’ve made several quilts that feature my sun/flowers, 29CornerSun-1I think I’ve started my own little signature trend. My favorite quilts, including my latest Kaleidoscope Seas (aka The Ascension Banner), carry a sun/flower on their fronts or backs.

You can see from the wrinkles on the sun/flower that the quilt is washed and ready to go. One of my most favorite things is taking a quilt out of the dryer after its very first washing. So cuddly and cozy!

This quilt is for my son Stosh. I’m pretty positive this quilt will live in his truck and will spend a lot of time riverside and lakeside. He loves to fish and I’m sure his girlfriend will appreciate it being there as daylight turns to dusk and he is calling back to her “Just a few more casts and then we’ll go…”

My sons, Stosh (23) and Mason (20) 29Mason+Stoshhave been working out in our “gym” a couple of times a week and then spend a while “throwing” in our backyard on Stosh’s makeshift pitcher’s mound and backstop. I had the privilege (I do as I’m told) to video tape Stosh’s pitching yesterday. Stosh throws a mean knuckleball. That ball moves so much even I can see its wobble! Pretty impressive!

“Great necessities call out great virtues” -Abigail Adams

“You cannot run away from a weakness; you must sometimes fight it out or perish. And if that be so, why not now, and where you stand” -Robert Louis Stevenson


~ by Kimberly Mason on May 29, 2009.

4 Responses to “A Quilt for Stosh (only 20 years in the making)”

  1. Awesome! Another project finished. It looks gorgeous.

  2. Wow. You get lots of points for persistence!


    • My son Stosh’s father is 2nd generation Polish. Stanley, or Stanislaw, is a family name (which I wasn’t too thrilled with!) so we just started calling him Stosh, the Polish nickname for Stanislaw. Thank you for stopping by!

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