Letting Go of Sacred Threads

Last Wednesday we packed up four 08Forgiven-1Quilts of Valor to send to the 3/8 Marines. I nearly cried as I let the package go. How could I be sure that they would take good care of our quilts? Would they arrive safely?

Alycia told me the feelings were normal, “Sending off your quilts is like sending your kid off to summer camp, ” she said. Oh boy.

Today I sent my “Forgiven: a Lenten Study” quilt to the Sacred Threads 2009 exhibition in Ohio. I stressed about it all day. Did I follow the instructions to the letter? Are they going to open the package and take one look and wonder why the heck the jurors picked this one to display? And again, Will it get there okay?

Breathe, Kim, breathe. All will be fine.

“When it seems humanly impossible to do more in a difficult situation, surrender yourself to the inner silence and thereafter wait for a sign of obvious guidance or for a renewal of inner strength.” -Paul Brunton, Meditations for People in Crisis

TODAY’S EXERCISE: a single scoop of Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream in a waffle cone.


~ by Kimberly Mason on June 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “Letting Go of Sacred Threads”

  1. I understand, it’s like packing and shipping one’s own heart. You’re courageous to do so!! Forgiven is amazing.

  2. I just love the Forgiven quilt – & they will too! But what I enjoyed best about your post was your exercise – I’ve been on a chocolate peanut butter kick lately & that warmed the cockles of my heart!

  3. Kim – I saw your piece at Sacred Threads and it lovely hung. It was better in person then even here. Both my friend and I counted it among our favorites at the show!

    • Thank you so much! I wish I could go to the show, I’ll have to make do with the CD of pictures. :O(

      I went to your blog, you do BEAUTIFUL work! I’ll be back.

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