Acts of Love: Stop Talking, Start Doing

This week, as I travel through the Daily Office Lectionary in the Book of Common Prayer, we begin our journey into the Book of Acts. It’s one of my favorite books of the bible, there is so much doing in this book, and I love to read and think about doing. But this time, as I begin my descent into the story, I am thinking about becoming more of a doer than a thinker.

I have always been the one that was prayed for, not the pray-er. The one that was done for (literally and figuratively) rather than the do-er. I read the stories of great love and great sacrifice, I didn’t live them.

There was a short stretch in my early adulthood when I was more of who I wanted to be and was living in a way that showed it. But then, like many of us (I’m not alone, remember, on this oft traveled road), I lost my way for a while. I allowed doubt to creep in. I had focused on the leadership of a man – a man who failed quite miserably – instead of the leadership of Christ. I had allowed sadness and regret to overtake me and turn me from the Way. I allowed the truth of my own brokenness and imperfection to dim the Light.

Grief and guilt give no light – NO LIGHT – to our lives. Only love and acts of love bring us light. It is in what we do for others that we find our own way. Acts of love become a torch to give light to the long, dark nights of soul wrenching fear that all of us go through from time to time. And the acts of praying for those that we love – and as Christians that means everyone – opens wide the pathway and shortens the distance between us and our Creator.

Be a do-er, be a pray-er and, please, help me to do and be that too.

In Quilting News: A Room to Sew

I have been talking about putting together 17SewingRoommy own sewing room for longer than I care to remember. Monday my man and my middle boy gave me a swift kick that got me started down that road (thanks Marty and Mason! Aren’t Masons wonderful, Mrs. G?!!), they moved the oak pedestal table out of the area and into my mom’s new train room.

This room doesn’t look like much now, and it’s only an 11.5′ x 6′ area, but it is MUCH more than I have now (the kitchen table). I have a lovely, soft yellow paint for the walls and black for the inside window trim, white for the outside trim.

I told my son’s girlfriend’s twelve-year-old sister that I would have her over to learn to sew when I got my sewing room together. Mason rolled his eyes at me when I said it (he knows how long I’ve been talking and not doing it, so now I’m determined to prove him wrong.

Is there something in your creative life that you have been talking about doing?

Spice Girls Quilts of Valor Delivered

Monday, June 15, our four Quilts of Valor and their 1,300 friends reached their destination at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and were presented to the 1,200 Marines and Navy Corpsmen of Company 3/8 returning  from Afghanistan. When the Quilts of Valor Across America began in California, they had expected to pick up less than 800 quilts in their journey. By the end of the trip they had 1,304 quilts, fifty of which came from three high school seniors. Holy smokes, huh?!

Follow this link to see a video slide show of the presentation.


~ by Kimberly Mason on June 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “Acts of Love: Stop Talking, Start Doing”

  1. “Grief and guilt give no light – NO LIGHT – to our lives. Only love and acts of love bring us light.” Wow!

    I’m a stamper – I used to make cards for everyone in my family & friends too. And I had a card ministry for our church. But in the last year there has been so much going on that I’ve abandoned my cards. Now that we’re moving I’ll have a room for all my crafting supplies & I plan to start my card ministry back.

    P.S. Because of the move I’m not Junior Warden any more – I live too far away from my church (1.5 hours). However, I’m still on the anointing schedule so I’ll do that about once per month for the next year…

    • Anointing schedule? What’s that? (I bet it’s something every cradle Episco-alien has known since, well, the cradle)

      • We have anointing for healing during communion each week. There’s a rotation of “anointers” so that we are “on” about once per month. People come up to the kneeler (which is inside our communion circle – we all form a circle around the altar for communion) & say what’s on their hearts – help me be more patient teaching this week, I have a lot more pain than usual, pray for my nephew who has an additiction problem… Then we anoint them with oil from little vials & pray over them. It’s pretty cool! And I don’t have any idea if other Episcopal churches do it – I’ve only ever gone to this one!

  2. It truly *is* in the doing that we can see Christ more clearly. Sometimes, it’s the simplest things. I always try to start each day with the saying, “Bless me to be a blessing.”

    How wonderful those quilts of valor made it to their destination and that the response was so great!

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