Bikinis & Bellybuttons Quilt with SuperHero Label Finds Home

My second UFO project 17MasonTishaof the summer has found its new home with my son Mason and his girlfriend Tisha. Unfortunately (for me!) that new home will be six hours away in Spokane and they leave tomorrow morning.

I surprised myself 17BBLabel-1with the ingenuity of the quilt label (click on the picture for a larger view).  I fused the Spiderman hexagon to a white cotton fabric, top-stitched around the edge and then used a fine permanent ink pen to write around the hexagon.

I know labels are important, I just always have to force myself to make one. But this time I wasn’t ready for this quilt to be finished, so I took the extra time. I think I had the idea that when the job was completed then I was going to have to let go of my son…and that’s exactly what happened. *sob*

Click here or on the17BikinisandBellybuttons full length picture of the quilt for a close-up view of the Bikinis & Bellybuttons quilt. Then click on the picture again for a REALLY HUGE close-up view.

The Binkinis & Bellybuttons quilt was inspired by Mary Mashuta’s serpentine curves quilts in her Confetti Quilts book (C&T Publishing). When I looked at her quilts I saw the possibility of bikini tops and curvy waistlines. I once caught Mason rewinding the bikini car wash scene on a DVD movie over and over and over and the thought of making a quilt honoring his love of babes in bikinis made me laugh.

The quilt is mainly black and white because that’s how Mason thinks. The crazy quilt-like square on the middle left side represents me because, you guessed it, he thinks I’m a bit crazy and my sometimes (usually) random thinking, artistic personality gives him a good giggle. On the Briggs Meyers personality test (see sidebar), he and I are exact opposites.

The border and a few of the intruding blocks represent the Big City, where my boy is headed *sob* tomorrow. The sun, top right, has become my signature touch, and what beach scene would be complete without a sun anyway? The blue bikinis are in honor of Mason’s love for North Carolina basketball. I bought the surf and shark fabric around the time Mason was born, if you look close you’ll see that there is a brown-headed surfer in two corners.

I must give credit to the kind Canadian Nurse Marilyn for helping me let go of this quilt and the son. When I told her I was really dreading letting it go and she – in her merry Marilyn way – said, “Oh, but won’t you be so happy when he has it?!! It’s beautiful, he’ll love it. And that will make you feel really good.”  I must also give credit to the Irreverent Reverend and her recent blog posts about letting go.

My son, Shane, who still has the good sense to not leave his momma (okay, so that’s just because he’s only 17, but I’ll take that!), tried to help me tame the winds when I tried to photograph Mason’s Bikinis and Bellybuttons quilt. Shane keeps me laughing, I wish I could keep him forever too…


~ by Kimberly Mason on June 18, 2009.

6 Responses to “Bikinis & Bellybuttons Quilt with SuperHero Label Finds Home”

  1. Love the quilt!

  2. It’s gorgeous! Although I do take issue with the blue – it should be RED for NC State!

  3. P.S. My husband is an INFP (off the scale!). I’m an ISTP – & I reckon we shouldn’t have gotten married. But I’m in the middle on everything but the T, & his influence really helps me temper that quite a bit. We feel like we’re a good match.

    • From what I just read about us INFP-ers (your husband and myself), we need someone to “provide anchorage to a person who might otherwise get lost in meditation or in crusade.” Someone to reel us in when we get too far out there. Think of yourself as the lead weight that holds down his balloon…hmmm, /that/ doesn’t sound like much fun, does it! LOL

  4. I can relate to how you’re feeling right now. I’m missing my boy. The quilt is stupendous, I am in awe.

  5. I love this video! I crack up each time I watch. And the quilt, Kim! Holy cows! I’m in awe. I’ve studied it. How did you get all of those swoops and swerves to meet so precisely?! Oh wait…I know…YOU can cut a straight line. Yeah…durn…I don’t have that skill.

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