UFO Thursday: Pretty as a Picture

I have finished two UFO quilts so far this summer, one for my son Mason and one for Stosh. 25EmmaPreQuiltThis morning I have dug out my granddaughter’s quilt to finish up.

We measured the quilt this morning to make sure that it was still large enough to cover her. Sure enough, it is over One Emma long and a head shorter than One Emma wide. Just perfect. (She giggled all the way through my primitive form of measuring. GrannyMission accomplished!)

My friend, Linda, asked me yesterday how my Miss Emma was doing with keeping herself busy while I sewed. Guess I’ll find out today!

Oh, BTW, if you notice that my posts are a bit far and few between this week, I have a good reason…several of good reasons! One, Miss Emma is visiting. Two, I have our church newsletter, The Beacon, to publish. Three, it’s Shop Hop week here in Western Washington and I’ve volunteered my inattentive, but chatty help on two days this week.

As for today’s poetry, I’m still knee deep in St. Thomas Aquinas and can’t seem to find my way out. It’s a blessed kinda “lost”, so don’t send out the search party quite yet! Another BTW, if you don’t know Thomas Aquinas’ story, follow this link or this one, it’s a very interesting story!


have a cause,
We need those don’t we?
Otherwise the darkness and the cold gets us
and everything starts to

My soul has a purpose, it is
to love;

if I
do not fulfill
my heart’s vocation,
I suffer.


~ by Kimberly Mason on June 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “UFO Thursday: Pretty as a Picture”

  1. Hey, Baby girl, you need to tell why the “no more bones.”

  2. Ditto Mommie’s request. Adorable quilt! Love the colors. I got lost in Thomas A myself back in my seminary days. Maybe in my midlife forgetfulness I can claim that I left my mind with him? (That might be a stretch…). Enjoy Emma, and thanks for the reminder that I need to get on our church newsletter as well!

  3. Cool quilt. So very glad it is still Emma size.

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