A Bunny Hop, a Shop Hop & a Gift

28BunnyHopBunny Hop. I have a lovely little bunny that has moved into our side yard and made it his home, in spite of my best friend Buddy the WonderDog’s efforts to…uh…end his stay.

I’ve done my best to warn him away. I’ve waved my arms while yelling and screaming and running at him. I’ve tried talking to him. I’ve tried everything except an eviction notice. This bunny insists that he wants to live here.

I have to believe that this is an unusually skilled bunny – fleet of foot (feet?), with keen ears and a sharp mind. Can we pray for bunnies? Surely so!

Shop Hop. This week masses of local quilters hit the road in celebration of the Western Washington Shop Hop. Did I28Gift+Fabric shop or hop? Nope, but I did watch the shop in Morton for a couple of days. And look what I came home with! Aren’t they delicious? I found them at Sugar ‘n Spice in Morton. I am CRAZY about the bug and flowers print, it is called Possibilities for QT Express.

The Gift is the Connemara (Irish marble) drop pendent and sterling silver chain is from a dear, poetical friend at church. Isn’t it beautiful?! I love green, I adore marble and I am honored to be given such a thoughtful gift. Connemara means “of the sea” and comes from the Connemara Mountains in the most western parts of Ireland in County Galway.

All in All I’m doing a happy dance. And maybe, if I dance with enough enthusiasm, maybe I’ll be able to convince the Bunny Hop that he needs to move to a safer space at a friendlier place.


~ by Kimberly Mason on June 28, 2009.

5 Responses to “A Bunny Hop, a Shop Hop & a Gift”

  1. Pretty, pretty fabrics! Love the Irish marble pendant. :c)

  2. Poor, clueless bunny. Thank goodness you’re looking out for its best interests! I also love the “possibilities” fabric. Wonderful colors and representations of flowers and critters. Yummy! And the gift is its own kind of yummy. There’s nothing like the tender thought represented by it. So glad it pleases your heart.

  3. How did I miss some of those. I like them. Could it be that some were no longer there by the time I could look. Half through with the quilt I am making from Hop fab. Brandy has quite a bit done, too. Dorothy

    • You probably missed seeing those fabrics cuz I was busy hiding them from everyone! *g* (Not really – though I thought about it!) Let me know when you are ready for shop hop show and tell, I’d LOVE to see!

  4. Bunny analysis: The bunny is mopping up after the birds that drop the seed/corn on the ground. I know this because we have two that I see each morning under our feeders… The Old Man on the hill..

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