UFO or Experimental Trash?

I found this unfinished piece the other day and pinned it up on my sewing 02UFO_bird+catroom wall. I’m strangely drawn to it, although I realize it isn’t a fine work of art. There is a story there, I’m not sure what it is, but I like listening to it.

It was inspired from a book by Kristina Becker, Come Listen to My Quilts, and was the first “art quilt” book that I purchased after my long hiatus from the world of quilting.

I was experimenting with raw-edge applique and free-motion machine quilting, both techniques were new to me at the time, now they are second nature. Isn’t it funny how something can be so foreign and uncomfortable one minute and second nature the next?

I used to be against machine applique and only for hand applique. A handwork snob, ha, it seems so silly, now. How can you be against a technique that allows to to create, to spill the colors of your thoughts and dreams out onto a yard of fabric almost as quickly as they come to mind??

It makes me wonder, what other areas in my life am prejudiced against because I am for what is comfortable and familiar?

Today I am reading the poetry of St. Catherine of Siena (1347-1380) who was said to have been “profoundly interested in every human being that ever came before her.” Wouldn’t that be a wonderful quality to cultivate? Nothing makes more sense.


A thorn has entered your foot. That is why you
weep at times at

There are some in this world
who can pull it

The skill that takes they have
learned from


~ by Kimberly Mason on July 2, 2009.

5 Responses to “UFO or Experimental Trash?”

  1. Beautiful poem – I’m going to HAVE to find a book like you’ve been reading – it would inspire my writing and my heart…

    I love the quilt! I think it’s just great. The bird reminds me of the look I have when I’m walking in the neighborhood & a large dog starts barking – “uh oh – better get outta here!”

  2. I love this post; love that you can get from a piece of quilting to a serious curiosity about behavior patterns. Just love the path you’re on…

  3. There are so many quilts in my head… I’m glad to be living through you vicariously these days! Preaching was one of those foreign things once upon a time. I feared not having a text in front of me, wondering what I would say. Then the day came when I simply couldn’t write, and now I preach with no text almost exclusively! Couldn’t do it without the HS, but it works for me. Great question to ponder, though, about what territory we resist entering that would free us to be more fully who we are. I’ll be interested to see where you are led with this UFO. And the poem–fab.

    (PS–thank you for your kind comments on my blog!–made me teary!)

  4. I have a lot to say in my quilts, machine applique allows me to get that said in a more timely way. I used to think it HAD TO BE by hand, but no more. Thanks for the inspiring poetry, I always leave here pondering the big questions… in a good way!

  5. Everything unexplainable has to be a UFO. Remember that!

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