The Sign Says: “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You”, but Does It? Do You?

Today at our Inquirer’s Class after church with Father T., while we were discussing Holy Communion and who is welcome at the table and why, I was reminded of the story of Sara Miles, St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church in San Fransisco, and their Food Pantry.

Watch this video and I dare you to try and keep your heart from soaring with love and in thanksgiving for the Spirit-filled people giving and the beautiful people receiving Gifts.

I think the Episcopal Church does a GREAT job welcoming people. Okay, maybe I can’t speak for the whole body of the Episcopalians, but I know that at our little corner of the world, St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Chehalis, Washington, we do a pretty good job of it. (I’m proud of my family, surely you can tell that by the beaming, gap-toothed smile and twinkling eyes that you read between every word?!!)


~ by Kimberly Mason on July 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Sign Says: “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You”, but Does It? Do You?”

  1. It always sort of saddens me that our ginormous mega churches around here don’t tend to have much outreach at all, unless it’s mission trips to try and convert people. That’s one of the things I dearly love about all of our little churches… there is so much focus on outreach to the truly needy. :c)

  2. St. Gregoroy’s is an amazing church–I have always been impressed by what they do. Some churches are definitely better at welcoming than others, and my own wee church does a pretty good job. When people don’t come back I don’t worry that it’s because we weren’t hospitable. It’s just more likely that they were looking for something different.

  3. Awesome witnessing. Thank you.

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