Fabric Shopping, Wool Gathering & Getting Fed

Sounds like quite a life, eh? Fabric shopping25Pinks4Tisha, wool gathering, feeding my family and getting fed. Well, let me tell you, it IS! It is a wonderful life.

Sunday Shopping at Sister’s. After the church service and the second Sunday sacrament (coffee hour), I like to head on over to see Bobbi and her daughter at Sister’s Fabric Shop. They always have something to tempt me.

A few of the fabrics are fat quarters, so I’m not sure which designers they came from, but there are a few Michael Millers and Valorie Wells fabrics in the bunch. Aren’t they delicious?! I have a homesick girl who has run away from home (to continue her education) and loves pink, our Miss Tisha. I want to send her something to comfort her and remind her that she is loved. Any ideas?

Gathering Wool. Speaking of love, this is my latest “NOW what the heck are you doing?” project. (The quote is from Big Man, 05Be4UPray+Earlywho is under the impression that if I was a good woman, I’d be working on his quilt.)

I don’t have a pattern or a plan05Wool, I started with two hands with hearts and it has just been growing from there. The sentiment expressed is my own. I added “pray” and “love” and started to cut out (freehand) “believe” but then a gust of wind turned the course of my scissors and sent me in another direction.

I’m not finished “playing” with the design. Maybe I’ll give it another try with the few small pieces of wool I picked up at Sister’s in Miss Tisha’s colors (shown at right). I’m just crazy about wool.

Getting Fed. I’m the Nursery Attendant at church. I only have one child to play with, but we have a really good time. He’ll be 3 years old this week and is as sweet and clever as they come.

Yesterday morning he was pretending to cook me dinner and  served up a slice up pizza. He told me to “be careful ‘cuz it’s really, really hot.” I thought I would get a giggle out of him when I pretended to burn my tongue on the hot pizza, but instead I received a scolding look that said “I told you it was hot!” After I ate my slice of pizza, I asked for more and he said, “No, that’s enough.”

I was telling Big Man about the child telling me I’d had enough and Big Man, (bless his heart) said, “Well, maybe he thought you didn’t need any more pretend pizza because he thought you were too pretend fat.”

Like I said, bless his heart.

Bless His Heart. In case you don’t speak Southern, “bless his heart” can be said in the place of something a good 05ShaneChristian woman shouldn’t be saying (or letting her momma read on her blog) or it can actually mean “we love him, he’s trying so hard, but he doesn’t have the sense God gave a duck”.

You can easily tell the difference between the two if you watch the talker. If the teeth are tightly clenched together, it’s the first definition. If the talker puts her hand over her heart while shaking her head sorrowfully, it’s the second.

Another valuable phrase Southern ladies use is “Lord love ‘im”. An example of its use is: “My grandson, Lord love ‘im, tried climbing down the ladder head first. He thought he was Spiderman. Fell right down on his head.” Use it in place of “the idiot” or instead of “poor thing, he can’t help it that he is so stupid, we love him anyway”.

GWBushI wonder how many times Laura Bush has used those phrases?

“To swear off mistakes is very easy. All you have to do is swear off having ideas.” -Leo Burnett, advertising pioneer


~ by Kimberly Mason on July 6, 2009.

5 Responses to “Fabric Shopping, Wool Gathering & Getting Fed”

  1. Laura Bush, eh? Should have posted a coffee spewing warning on that one!

  2. That’s funny! We use “bless his heart” a lot around here – for the second reason. Love the fabrics, but I can’t help you with a design – sorry!

  3. I laughed out loud when I read your GW comment. In southern speak, Laura Bush is a GOOD woman. I personally love “Bless his/her/their heart”. Sometimes it is all that needs to be said!

  4. Ooh, those pinks! I forget what they call it, but will you know what I mean if I say pineapple log cabin? And the wool is fab! Who can ever compete with a young’un when it comes to spontaneous humor? Love it! And yes, Lord love ‘im, that just might be a phrase that Laura knows too well.

    • Dang me if you haven’t just sent me down a road I really didn’t (really DID) want to go down. I’m on the Pineapple Express, WooWoo!

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