Please Help, What Kind of Bird This Is?

07BirdsThis rather large, but shy bird has been showing up at The Bird Oasis Hotel & Resort (aka my front porch) this week. I have searched online and can’t figure out what he/she is. Do you know?

He’s about the size of the red-winded blackbirds (I left the finch in the picture for size comparison) and likes to eat insects and nuts. He moves like a Varied Thrush.

Thank you for YOU!

UPDATE: Our friend is a juvenile European Starling. Probably parked here while the “adults” were making their way across my lawn poking around for bugs. The Starlings are not regular visitors to our feeders, that’s what threw me — that and my inexperience at identifying birds. The last time I had a bird I couldn’t identify it turned out to be a juvenile Robin. Apparently The Bird Oasis Hotel & Resort has a thriving childcare business!


~ by Kimberly Mason on July 7, 2009.

7 Responses to “Please Help, What Kind of Bird This Is?”

  1. waxwing?

  2. My first thought was a female or juvenile Brown-headed cowbird, but the beak looks wrong for that AND for a thrush. I think it’s definitely a juvenile something. Hmmm… time for the Science Chimp.

  3. I’m coming up blank on this one, not for lack of searching through my bird books though.

  4. It’s a just-fledged European starling. Later on he’ll show spangles of winter plumage–black with buff tips–in a patchwork pattern. Listen for his Keerr! call when begging from his parents.

    Eee Eee Eee! Science Chimp, signing off.

    • Thank you, everyone, for your help!

      Julie & Jayne, I have thanked you in my blogpost this morning, but THANK YOU again!

      In Many Peaces (aka i.m.p.), Kim

  5. In my bird book of puget sound region it looks like a female varied thrush. Now all you have to do is put all our answers in a hat and draw one out.

  6. I don’t know but I smiled at “The Bird Oasis Hotel & Resort.”

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