Thank you, Science Chimp! Thank you, Jayne!

Yes, thank you, Science Chimp! Ha! How often do you get to say that phrase and have it make any sense whatsoever?!

Who is Science Chimp and what am I thanking her for? Glad you asked. Science Chimp is Julie Zickefoose, a “Writer, naturalist, NPR commentator,watercolor painter, gardener, emphatic Leo. I live with my husband, two kids, crotchety macaw and Boston terrier on 80 acres of Appalachian woodland” and the one who provided the answer to my “What’s His Name??” bird question from yesterday.

Bird hop on over to her Julie’s Website to check out her watercolor paintings — my favorite is “The Missing Pane: Eastern Phoebe“, hauntingly beautiful — and take a gander at her new book. What a talented lady! And how can you resist the cool nickname? When I told Big Man (also a cool nickname) about the Science Chimp answering our bird poser, he exclaimed, “Science Chimp??? I want to be Science Chimp!” Yeah, GiganTor, who doesn’t?!

Oh! BTW, Science Chimp, my nickname in the Spice Girls Quilt Gang is “Zen Monkey” so perhaps we are related…? 😀

Oh AGAIN! Who’s Jayne? (Is anybody else wondering if Tarzan isn’t about to jump out of this blogpost?) Jayne is the “Journey through Grace” blogger for whom there “is no doubt that grace is the only thing that has allowed me to stay sane, love myself, and laugh on this journey which is my life.” She is an amazing photographer AND an Episcopalian (where have I seen that combination before…?). Jayne pointed Julie the Science Chimp in my direction. If you don’t click on over to her blog I’m going to be mad at you!

That’s it for today, I have a busy couple of days coming up. I am going to pop on over to Sugar ‘n Spice this afternoon and see what Linda bought in the way of scrumptious fabrics this weekend. I’ll report later!

Have a beautiful day, y’all, I’ll leave you to ponder this little bite of prose from St. Catherine of Siena:


If you cried in heaven, everyone
would laugh

for they would know you were just


~ by Kimberly Mason on July 8, 2009.

5 Responses to “Thank you, Science Chimp! Thank you, Jayne!”

  1. I always learn so much here, you are a blessing to my need to know. I love thinking about the absurdity of tears in heaven.

  2. What a kind shout out Kim! I just know that if anyone will know how to ID something, it’s Julie. Glad to be of some help. Have a beautiful day. :c)

  3. P.S. I have that print of The Missing Pane, triple matted, framed, and signed by the talented and kind Julie right here on my wall, and I cherish it.

  4. Had I commented on your bird quandary I would have said “see Jayne,” but I also know she visits your blog, so knew you were in good hands. She is a dear friend, and a keeper! But now you’ve got me wondering what sort of cool name I might devise for myself. Anne is just so, well, Anne!

  5. Thank you for the totally unnecessary shout-out, Kim. The Science Chimp lives to solve natural history conundrums. And Jayne is my enabler. She’s got major bird mojo. You’re a doll.

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