A Thistle Farmer’s Dream


It was about 20 years ago when my parents bought the land that I, that we, live on today. They lived in what is now my house while they built their dream house on the hill, Thistlehill House.

And while they were building their house, I was two hours away, a young mother with four children, building a dream of “Thistledown Farms”. The drawings of thistles that you see above are just a few of many, each thistle attached to a dream. Dreams unrealized.

Unrealized because I took a detour. I took a road that led to pain and heartache and was paved with selfishness — a disconnection from God, from Light and from Love.

But who I was then is no longer. And who I will be is yet to be seen. All I know now is that God, the ever faithful and ever loving and forever forgiving God, the Creator God, is still creating me.

“It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.” –e. e. cummings

I sometimes have the thought that our weaknesses conspire together to get us where we need to be so that may grow closer to God — maybe “closer to God” isn’t the right phrase — but to really open our eyes so that we may see God. God who is, who was, who ever shall be. The God that is right here, right now with us. God with us.

The view that you see here is a view I can see every day. How could I have ever looked at this view and not known that there is a God and that he surrounds me, consumes me, overwhelms me, lives within me and sustains my every breath?

Today I am so very grateful that I can call myself a Thistle Farmer.


~ by Kimberly Mason on July 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “A Thistle Farmer’s Dream”

  1. We are all traveling on this road. We’re not always sure where it is going, but we know who is directing the path.

  2. What a beautiful post Kim.

  3. You do have a lovely view. I know it is so easy to forget the good things the Lord has given us, which are right with us every day. It does take our weaknesses and our troubles to bring us to call upon Him and views like that to remind us of His greatness.

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