What’s NOT Wrong?

Today I am reading the thoughts of others, absorbing their words, processing them. I’m not sure that I have any wisdom of my own to share quite yet (or maybe ever…), so I will share with you a bit of what I am reading today, Thich Nhat Hanh, Peace is Every Step:

We often ask, “What’s wrong?” Doing so, we invite painful seeds of sorrow to come up and manifest. We feel suffering, anger, and depression, and produce more such seeds.

We would be much happier if we tried to stay in touch with the healthy, joyful seeds inside of us and around us. We should learn to ask, “What’s not wrong?” and be in touch with that. There are so many elements in the world. . .that are wholesome, refreshing, and healing. If we block ourselves, if we stay in the prison of our sorrow, we will not be in touch with these healing elements.


Life is filled with many wonders, like the blue sky, the sunshine, the eyes of a baby. . .Awareness of the precious elements of happiness is itself the practice of right mindfulness. Elements like these are within us and all around us. In each second of our lives we can enjoy them. If we do so, seeds of peace, joy, and happiness will be planted in us, and they will become strong.

The secret to happiness is happiness itself. Wherever we are, any time, we have the capacity to enjoy the sunshine, the presence of each other, the wonder of our breathing. We don’t have to travel anywhere else to do so. We can be in touch with these things right now.

“The grateful person knows that God is good, not by hearsay but by experience. And that is what makes all the difference.” -Thomas Merton, Thoughts in Solitude


~ by Kimberly Mason on July 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “What’s NOT Wrong?”

  1. God IS good! And lately I’ve been finding comfort not in the phrase “God loves you” (or me), but simply, “God loves.” It says so much more about the breadth of who God is rather than my own need to believe that God loves me. The reality that God loves brushes the cosmos with light, and that is so much more glorious than the single beam that I perceive to be focused in my direction.

  2. What’s not wrong? What a great way to look at things.

  3. Yes! God IS good. And photos of your pastures are stunning. Good words, Kim. Much gratitude.

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