Watermelon UFO Quilt. Walnuts, Blueberries and Fledglings Abound

28WatermelonLogCabinI’m on a roll with my UFOs this summer –one finished for my granddaughter, one for my son Stosh and one for Mason. Here you see my latest pull from the UFOBin: the Wacky Watermelon Courthouse Steps 42″ square picnic throw.

It’s not a masterpiece but it IS fun and still makes me smile. Maybe I can turn this into one of those quilt-in-a-pocket-carry-all quilts?  I’m open to suggestion.

Are all y’all HOTTER than HADES too? Those of you that live in areas where 102 degrees is a normal July afternoon think we’re whimps out here in the28Fledgling Pacific Northwest, but — okay, so what? We ARE whimps. And we’re HOT! Even our fledglings are complaining! (I think that’s a finch on the left.)

We have about a dozen Red Winged Blackbird babies. I wanna know how long before the giant male youngsters start feeding theirselves!? They are bigger than their mommas, but they perch themselves on the edges of the feeder with their mouths open waiting for someone to put food into it. Remind you of anyone you know? It does me…

Thanks goodness for the walnuts trees behind the house! We cool off early in the evening from their shade. The picture to the right shows my view this 28Walnutsmorning, lots of walnuts this year!

I stopped by a local blueberry farm this morning to pick up another 5 lbs. of berries for freezing. Mmmmmm good! A cup of blueberries a day makes the doctor go away and tastes really good with your ice cream!

Take care of yourself, stay cool, eat good food and listen to the words of St. Catherine of Siena:


Herbs can help the body and give
the heart more strength
to love.

When my sight became clearer,
I could see auras around different foods,

and I now know—should I say this?—
that everything can sing.

The songs of fruits and grains will calm,
why not put them into yourself,
a new language you
will learn.

And just touching life’s requirements
close to their source
will add grace to your

More generous eyes we need.
The songs of light
will help


~ by Kimberly Mason on July 28, 2009.

5 Responses to “Watermelon UFO Quilt. Walnuts, Blueberries and Fledglings Abound”

  1. Isn’t it funny how summer is the time for finishing things up and giving things away? I just got back five quilts from the machine quilter and have got the binding machined onto all of them. Have completed the hand-stitching of one of them. It feels good! Been giving away patterns I know I’ll never use. Am on the verge of doing the same with some block sets and some fabric. Ah, summer!

    Today’s the first truly hot day Near Philadelphia, but not as hot as what you’re dealing with. When I saw 93 and 91 on the thermometer in the car an hour or so ago, I knew it was time to turn on the ACs for the first time all summer. Our rule is 90 or above to turn ’em on.

    I love your blog more all the time. Peace to you, friend.

  2. I love the border on your watermelon quilt. Where I live it’s pretty hot too – it was 104 at noon. But I see that you are in the Pacific NW which I hear will be in the high 90’s today–something you all are not used to. Keep cool.

  3. Love the colors in that quilt. Great setting too!

  4. I still have the Normandy Park weather report on my computer so I know that it is HOT out there…and so few people have air conditioners. I am a little further west than Nancy but it was a hot and muggy one today in the middle of the farmland.

    Just look out at those beautiful (are they still snow capped?) mountains and think cool thoughts!!

  5. We’ve been hot & muggy for a couple of days here in Ohio, but nothing like usual. Last week it was practically chilly! I haven’t felt like we’ve had REAL summer. Guess we gave it to you guys!

    LOVE the watermelon quilt! I have a dress I got in Zambia with similar colors (has some purple in it too) that I call my watermelon dress. Much fun!

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