Clowns to the Left of Me *singing* Jokers to the Right


“…Here I am. Stuck in the middle with you.” -song made popular by Stealers Wheel in 1972.

I have been spending a bit of time each morning, Monday thru Thursday, for the last four weeks sitting curbside in front of Mossyrock High School waiting for my son Shane. Today is the last day I will have to tolerate, er, enjoy, this view until September.

I am proud to say that Shane has completed the History course and has started on a Geography class. He’s about 75% caught up and on the way to graduating next year. No, I’m not proud to say that he fell behind, but I am proud that he is working to catch up.

Did you know that kids go to summer school on the computer now? Yup, they only need one 30Churchteacher to babysit while the children park their selves in front of a computer monitor and point and click their way through a class. Huh. Interesting. (I’m trying to be nice. It’s hot and I’m not very nice when I’m hot!)

My view to the left is the Assembly of God Church. And while the building isn’t impressive, the influence that this church has on the town of Mossyrock is impressive.

May I say once again: Huh. Interesting.

I am intrigued by the sign out front. Very curious indeed. I wonder what they do at these meetings? 30ChurchSign(If you can’t read the sign, it says: “Tuesday nights 6:30 Support Group Therapy for D  iscouragement and Depression.”)

Huh. Interesting.

Oh dear, let us blame my cynicism on the heat, shall we? The PNW has been breaking records for the last couple of days. It was 108 degrees at my house yesterday. We have air conditioning in ONE room, my bedroom (we call it The Cooler, I swear you could hang meat in there!) and the rest of the house has been 80-95 degrees for several days now.

I am NOT a nice person when I am too hot. Can you tell? OH! And  my computer and I (I won’t tell you which one of us was really at fault…) lost an 8 page document (our church newsletter) yesterday and I will have to try and re-create it today. *heavy, burdened, dramatic sighs*

Today I started down the road to Kabir. Kabir is not a what, Kabir is a who. He was a poet, a religious reformer, an artist and musician in the 15th century. He is touted as “something of a tough guy, a Zen-bruiser, a divine smart-aleck.” (Hmmm, “divine smart-aleck” reminds me of Father T. LOL)

Let us start with this…


From the Ocean I heard a million fish say,
“Give me a beer—quick.”

I replied, “Dears, how can that be? How can a fish in the water
want a drink?”

Well, that’s how wacky things have gotten. Who else
but Maya could pull a fast one that that
and get away

Seriously speaking though:

The fish in the water that is thirsty needs
serious professional counseling.

Ha! Indeed! What do you think? Who are these fish? What is the water?


~ by Kimberly Mason on July 30, 2009.

6 Responses to “Clowns to the Left of Me *singing* Jokers to the Right”

  1. I think we stole all your cool here in Ohio – sorry!

  2. OK, I am singing along now! So glad Shane is all caught up… is interesting that they can do it all on-line. We actually have an alternative high school in our county for kids “at risk” of dropping out and who don’t learn in a typical environment well. It’s all computer based learning and the kids LOVE it.

    So sorry to hear you all are sweltering in the heat. Like you, when I am hot, I am not a happy camper. Here’s hoping for cooler days ahead! (Turning your virtual fan on HIGH!)

    • Too TOO awesome that I have TWO ladies who have sent their cooling vibes and turned on their virtual fans this way. The entire PNW thanks you! Look! No blue sky today!

      Thank you, Jayne!

  3. Hello Friend. It is rainining in AL & 85 degrees. I believe we’ve exchanged weather. *giggle* I grew up in house with no AC. Sending cool vibes across country.

    Hugging you. Big.
    Your faithful stalker

    • *O my darlin’, O my darlin’, O my darlin’ CinSoulGal, I thought you were lost and gone foreeeeeever, O my darlin’ CinSoulGal…* (I’m in a singing mood for REAL this morning!)

      Your cooling vibes have blanketed the entire PNW in clouds! Got any other tricks up your sleeves?? I’ve been wondering where my favorite stalker has run off to! You okay? I’ve been worried.

      Hugs back at cha, Kim

  4. Oh, my, you HAVE been a busy grasshopper. Love the prayers, love Kabir and Catherine, love the way your mind works, even in this blistering heat. We have a cool fog this morning; hope you got some too —

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