A New X-Blocks Quilt & a Sadly Serious Serial Television Addiction

BostonLegalIt all began innocently enough and it happened so fast. I didn’t realize it could get so far out of control, so fast. You see, I hadn’t seen “real” television in so long, we only had ABC, NBC, PBS and FOX. We could watch CBS sometimes, but only on a really clear day, and never at night.

Then satellite television came into my life, satellite TV with a DVR. I didn’t even know what DVR was, but I said, “Yes! Yes! YES!” And when I found out that I could record every “Boston Legal” episode (a previously snowy CBS show) and watch it at my leisure—well, suffice to say, I was in heaven! (I loveDesperateHousewives James Spader’s character so much, I have no idea why, I just DO.)

Big Man groused about my new addiction. “Why do you have to download every episode? You’re using up all the space!!”

That’s when I introduced him to “Desperate Housewives”. I know it was evil of me to drag him into my sad, serial addiction, but what can I say? I’m an addict!

WestWingAnd now it’s “West Wing”. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night a “new” episode. I only have *sob* 15 episodes left. In a panic I set the DVR to Bonesdownload every episode of “Bones”.

That put Big Man through the roof, sent him over the edge, he’s on “TILT”.

And now he’s signed me up for NetFlicks – though first he made me promise that I wouldn’t download any more television series onto the DVR and I wouldn’t hog all the DVDs in the queue.

Do you think that 15 DVDs in the queue is too many? (I’m a bull kid in a candy necklace shop, I tell ya I can’t be trusted!)

Another Class Sample: X-Blocks Table Runner

04Snowman_X-BlocksI made this table runner using the 7.5″ X-Blocks template (I used the Mini 7.5″ template in the other two table toppers). I can’t seem to get a good picture, so you’ll just have to trust me that it looks better in person – or you could go see it in Quilter’s Junction next week. :O)

Attach a tassle on each point and this 52″ x 19.5″ piece would be perfect as a bed scarf on a twin-sized bed.

Two close-ups – front and back – of my “fancy” walking foot machine quilting show below.



The X-Blocks classes are scheduled for September 19 at Sugar n’ Spice in Morton and October 3 at Quilter’s Junction.

“Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.” –Samuel Johnson

Hey, do you have an addiction to share? Come on….a favorite food? movie/book/television genre? hobby? What keeps you searching for more?


~ by Kimberly Mason on August 4, 2009.

10 Responses to “A New X-Blocks Quilt & a Sadly Serious Serial Television Addiction”

  1. O_O; Wow @ the walking foot machine quilting.

  2. Mine is Grey’s Anatomy… LOVE it. And, I can’t even imagine watching TV without a DVR anymore. I adore being able to sit down and watch when I am ready, not when the show comes on.

  3. 15 DVDs in a queue is just a good start! Especially if you are getting TV shows like I do and they have 5 or 6 dvds each.

    —- another netflix addict

  4. I try to not get hooked on tv – we’re always watching baseball & that’s enough of a time suck to me! Especially since I get home at 6:00 in the evenings – not enough hours in the day to do what I want. And what I want, apparently, is to be on my computer 24/7 – facebook & blogging are my addictions, sadly. And the cinnamon roll I just ate. Sigh.

  5. For a while I was totally addicted to picking up every stinking piece of Moda Vienna Nights that I saw. Then I switched to Moda’s Chocolat. It was a problem. Seriously. If I saw a piece, I had to have it before someone else might take it. If I saw some in someone else’s stash, I begged for it. I am better now. I only touch and fondle the Moda Glace when I see it. I still have not purchased any…though I am sorely tempted.

    • I have been noticing lately that I have been leaning towards Moda fabrics quite a bit and it has been worrysome…a friend of mine gave me just tiny charm pack as a gift one day…I’m sure she didn’t know that it could become a problem, she probably thought I might enjoy it for just a moment, then move on…Mine is called “Sonnet” *heavy sighs*

  6. Since we seem to share much of the same taste in television viewing (The West Wing is the best show ever made, and I adore Bones, not to mention guffaw over Desperate Housewives and hang on James Spader’s every raised brow), let me lead you further astray. USA’s “Burn Notice” and “In Plain Sight,” and the new Royal Pains. TNT’s “Leverage” is also fun. Except for The West Wing, which though it had highly comedic moments was essentially serious television, the rest are full of whimsy and superior character repartee. In Plain Sight has great story lines as well as funky characters.

    In fact, since I’ve been out of town I think it’s time to head to the television right now and watch some of those Tivo’d gems…

  7. We loved West wing in our house- for years my husband and I have had a series that was our one weekly date to watch consistently. We were very sad when it went off the air and I bought the DVD’s so that we could watch it when the mood struck. We have been watching old episodes of MASH over the summer- the writing is still fabulous 30 years later. Our current favorite is Numbers and we have watched a few episodes of The Mentalist- not much that is catching our fancy these days.
    I do love your table runner- I made a star like center in a quilt I made a number of years ago. I used up some left over blocks in a wall hanging this weekend as my husband is going to a conference where they are going to display items with star connections( its an astronomy conference) .
    Do come and visit my blog if you are interested- you can find me at quiltmomsjourney.blogspot.com

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