Pretty in Pink, a New Feature “On My Design Wall Today”

11CollagePinkI have added a new page to my blog: On My Design Wall Today (see the link on the right, just below my “Follow me on Twitter” banner).

Here you will be able to see how I work through a project design, from beginning to end. Often my initial concept doesn’t seem to relate to the finished quilt, but here you will be able to (hopefully) see the progression of thought.

And so, what’s on my design wall today? I’m really excited about it! My working title is “The Circle of Life” (though I will have to change that title, I keep hearing The Lion King song run through my brain.) Would you believe that it is SUPER easy? It is! Come to my class and I’ll show you…


Do you remember the “Cotton Candy Quilts” book by Mary Mashuta I purchased the other day? This quilt is inspired by her cover quilt: same concept, slightly different techniques and very different vibe. TishaThe striped sashing is my own addition to the pattern, but it is still very much in keeping with the Mary Mashuta style. Go buy her books, I promise you that you will learn a LOT without feeling like you have to expend too much effort. She has a very efficient, positive, right-to-the-point style. I’m a HUGE fan.

My other inspiration for this quilt is our Miss Tisha. Isn’t she beautiful? She is my son Mason’s girl and I have grown to love and adore her too.

The fabrics are all from Sister’s Fabric Shop in Chehalis, I’m pretty sure that they are all currently still available. I plan to make this quilt at least two more times, once with fabrics from Sugar n’ Spice and again with fabrics from Quilter’s Junction. Each quilt will be very different from the other, but all of them will be exciting.

And yes, there will be a pattern available soon.

“Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.”–Samuel Johnson


~ by Kimberly Mason on August 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “Pretty in Pink, a New Feature “On My Design Wall Today””

  1. I love it, it is so “PINK” 😀

  2. You are so very talented Kim!

  3. Well, darn! I was at Joann’s yesterday with a coupon and didn’t think to look for this book! Came home with a quilt mag, however, which will cause equal trouble. Love what you’re doing!

  4. I got to see it in person, neener! 😀

  5. It’s great, Pretty In Pink was one of those great John Hughes’ films that I remember seeing way back when…

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