I’m a Topper at Heart, But…

18Progress…but I ♥ crawling around on the floor, making a quilt sandwich.

Gently smoothing the layers from the top, flipping the sandwich with care, smoothing the layers from back and then flip and flip again.

And while I do NOT ♥ pin basting, I DO ♥ trimming excess batting and backing after the pin basting is complete, making a cup of tea and sitting down with quilting books and magazines to plan the quilting designs. Ahhhhh. Feels so good!

“As I express my gratitude, I become more deeply aware of it. And the greater my awareness, the greater my need to express it. What happens here is a spiraling ascent, a process of growth in ever expanding circles around a steady center.” -David Steindl-Rast, Friends of Silence newsletter, December 2008

Oh, and before I forget, go here: Sandra’s Snippets. She’s an amazing machine quilter and hand applique artist!


~ by Kimberly Mason on August 18, 2009.

5 Responses to “I’m a Topper at Heart, But…”

  1. I think it admirable that you enjoy pin basting. I, on the other hand, would rather be locked in a closet! I spray baste because removing all those little pins when I am quilting makes me say bad words.

  2. How joyful. The quilt delightful and a perfect display of your talent.

  3. This quilt is comiing along nicely. I bet you are having fun “crawling around” and creating. Thanks for the tip about Snippets. I’ll stop over there and check it out.

  4. Right there with you, though it gets harder and harder to recover from crawling the older I get! And then, there are the dogs to consider!!! I remember crawling to sandwich a quilt in the chancel of the church once because there was lots of space and the floor was marble, easy to work on! Wish I had that kind of space again!

  5. Thanks for the compliment Kim! I enjoyed reading your blog this morning and seeing your great work. 🙂

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