Why Pray? Why Sing? Why Sew? Why Not?

26CandleRugI’ll give you the very best reason I have (at this moment) for daily prayer: Prayer Changes ME.

I don’t pray to change God’s mind, to influence His attitude, generosity or even His level of forgiveness. God has all that under control, it’s ME that needs work!

Wednesday mornings are  rough for me, especially when I have The Beacon (our church newsletter) to publish (copy, collate, fold, stamp and mail); a deadline to meet for quilt class samples, lists and write-ups; another coat of paint to put on the design wall before I can use my design wall; and campers rolling into my backyard a full day and a half early (I really don’t like them!).

I stomped around the house this morning, grumpy from interrupted sleep and looking for a fight. I allowed dropped calls from the Big Man to remain dropped and didn’t answer when he called back. The dogs hid in their kennels sending out vibes of “We love you, Mommy” into the air with hopeful tails banging out a slow rhythm against plastic walls whenever I passed by. I threw coffee down my gullet like a shots of tequila and contemplated the cost—in price, poundage and petrol—of a trip to the local market and a box of chocolate-covered doughnuts.

26WasherTime to pray.

It did cheer me a little when I placed my candle onto my newly finished (just last night) wool n’ cotton candlemat. Here you see it in use, at my temporary praying place, my washing machine. While my sewing room is in disorder (er…more disorder than usual) I have moved my prayer books out to my washing machine.

Do I feel better? Oh my, absolutely I do!

“Action is the antidote to despair.” –Joan Baez

Except for one thing…I don’t know what my dog ate, but HOLY COW! that stinks, Buddy!


~ by Kimberly Mason on August 26, 2009.

9 Responses to “Why Pray? Why Sing? Why Sew? Why Not?”

  1. I am always amazed at how prayer changes my outlook – especially on a crummy day. Sometimes the best I can manage is “shower prayer” but it helps me keep my head above water. (No pun intended!) I know this sounds goofy but recently my grandchildren took part in VBS at their parish in Virginia. The program was “Crocodile Dock” and the praise music totally uplifts me. I bought a CD for them and one for me. Every morning on the way to work when traffic starts to make me crazy, I pop in the CD and sing along. The songs may have been written for children but the themes are universal, the melodies are catchy and the beat makes me “dance” in my car.

  2. Life is busy sometimes and a little Quilting and prayer go a long way!

  3. I love the candlemat!

  4. Yep! Prayer on grumpy days are best. I always think “focus, focus, focus” on something outside of myself and my craziness. Slugging coffee like shots of tequila – giggling – awesome. I own that action. Much love flying your way.

  5. Well, your sense of humor is intact! I’ve had a whole bunch of those days strung together, so I relate totally. I so need some time to myself and the quiet indulgence of the Sunday crossword puzzle! Glad you were able to keep to your pattern of prayer. It does make such a difference.

    I absolutely adore the candle mat! Do you have/can you create a pattern for it? My soul is craving one!

  6. PS–when I scrolled down from the first picture of the mat pinned to the tree to the mat in use I made an audible gasp. So stunning!

  7. What I love Kim is that you are conscious of your grumpiness, and THAT is such a gift. :c) The candle mat is so adorable!

  8. Kim, I love the Candlemat!..We at St Timothy really, really appreciate all you do. I do not know how you manage to accomplish so much everyday. I guess because you are so young 🙂
    and are full of energy! Bev

  9. I have SO BEEN THERE!!! (especially lately…) I LOVE the candlemat; the colors remind me of the t-shirt (with forks on it, of course) that I almost bought in Forks on Wednesday…

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