Warning: Divergent Blogging Roads Ahead

I have started another blog, prayers for an oft traveled road. Here, in my quilt blog, 15WishesI will continue to touch on my spiritual journey as it relates to my creative expression in quiltmaking  (I cannot separate the two entirely), but I will try to narrate with a lighter touch.

In my prayer blog I will delve more deeply into my private journey. I have a love of and fascination for the mystical mysteries of relationship with God and in community — and that may or may not appeal to you. “I Yam what I Yam,” a famous spinach-eating sailor once said. I hope that what I Yam is growing and progressing (though some days it feels like two steps forward, three back), I am a work in progress.

Anne Lamott has said that her agnostic or atheist friends tend to look kindly upon the blindspot she has for Jesus, I hope you will grant me the same grace if you do not share my lightly monkish, heavily invested in grace and forgiveness and dusted with angel’s wings sorta mindset.

But if you do share a soul’s search for the Greater Outside Us and have a thought or two or two dozen to share while we walk some of the same paths, then please, come to another oft traveled road.


~ by Kimberly Mason on September 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “Warning: Divergent Blogging Roads Ahead”

  1. I’ve added it to my RSS feed as well and am so looking forward to sharing your journey Kim. :c)

  2. What an eloquent way to describe the separation of the two. It’s feel likes a natural out-growth of the powerful experiences you’re living. When you are open to the spiritual, the mysteries of God and the mystical path therein, well, this path does ask for a certain amount of focus. We have not the choice to live a monastic life, no support for that in our society. We must create that for ourselves.

    To have another place to express that is divine but I do want you to know I enjoy how you blend the two so I look forward to you keeping that an integral part here.

    Divine Yours, *karendianne.

  3. Adding you now…

  4. I find your blog to be a lovely integration of all parts of you, but I certainly understand that the spirit is also well served by the coherence of its own place.

    Love your new picture, btw.

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