We’re Getting Closer to Truck Nirvana!


This is what I spent my day doing yesterday, sitting in the car while Big Man shopped for a new (new to him, anyway) truck. We don’t think our 1989 Suburban is going to make it through one more winter without a major overhaul, besides, that Man O’Mine deserves something the goats haven’t chewed the paint off of, wouldn’t you say?!?!!

The salesmen are telling us that because we haven’t bought a car in over 10 years that we don’t have “car credit”….whaaaa? So we’re having trouble finding a loan with reasonable interest. Can you believe 21% interest?? Ridiculous.

But Big Man received a phone call this morning that sounded more reasonable and it was through a reliable bank, so, we’ll see…


My morning prayer: *singing* “O Lord, won’t you buy me, a Mercedes Benz Pickup Truck, I won’t ask for big tires, I won’t push my luck….”


~ by Kimberly Mason on September 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “We’re Getting Closer to Truck Nirvana!”

  1. Hey, whatever happened to the supposed desperation of auto dealers? Good luck; I hope things wrk out.

  2. Right on! Great post.

  3. Paint eating goats – I love it! We’re really hoping to make it another year with our two vehicles – we just spend about $5000 on both of them this summer – yikes! Still, it’s cheaper than a car payment…

  4. That’s pure craziness… no “car” credit??? Huh? Puulease! Hope you were able to find a decent deal and a decent loan rate.

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