I Love Turtlenecks and…(Help me out!)

I love the Sugar n’ Spice in Morton, where I’ll spend most of my day today. I’ll be pretending to be a shopkeeper for a while while Linda gets moving. Literally.

I love that I’ll get to play a little FarmVille while I shopkeep….hey! do you play 30FarmvilleFarmVille? Do you want to be my neighbor? I need one more to expand my farm….:P

I love being silly with my son Mason’s girlfriend Tisha, my neighbor in Farmville, texting back and forth at the end of the day (“Tisha! I scared the foxes away from your animals!” “Are they okay?” “I got there just in time!”).

I also love, as the headline says, turtlenecks! I have donned my first turtleneck of the season and that really makes my heart sing. I love mufflers (the kind you wear around your neck) and I have one in progress right now.

What or who do you love today? Show me some Gratitude for the Universe. Spread some Blogging Love and Joy…


~ by Kimberly Mason on September 30, 2009.

11 Responses to “I Love Turtlenecks and…(Help me out!)”

  1. Today I am greatful for cool, crisp days and the smell of a wood fire at night. For old friends and old memories. For clean, fresh sheets right off the wash line.

  2. I love a cold bedroom & my electric blanket, getting to wear blazers to work again, & that my hubby gets his first REAL paycheck today!

    I play Farmtown & MyFarm – & decided that Farmville was a farm too far… I could sure use another buddy on Yoville though!

    • OMGoodness! FarmTOWN? MYFarm? Hmmmmm……

      Oh, and my girl Tisha says YoVille is too dumb (and she says, “…And I play a lot uh dumb games!” LOL) but I don’t know, I baked some bread today….*g*

  3. Haha I love playing farmville with you too:D

  4. Have never heard of Farmville here in the country… go figure. :c) Today I am loving, loving, loving the crisp blue skies and cool breezes as the highs get only into the low 70’s. Such a respite from the heat and humidity. :c)

  5. I’m loving the fall weather that has arrived. LOVE. IT. !!!

  6. Weather seems to be a theme! Even before reading the other comments, I was going to say I love a rainy morning when I don’t have to go out and can revel in the peace, and a cup of coffee.

  7. Hey Kimberly, I’ll be your neighbor on Farmville. I’m not quite sure how to go about it. Maybe you need to send an invite to my eamil address. Or do we need to be facebook friends first?

  8. I love turtleneckks, too; my ex-husband used to joke that I had my turtleneck surgically removed every spring…

  9. You may love turtlenecks but nobody beats Jackie Manning for turtleneck loving. Her memoirs all about her unique relationship with this item of cothing can be viewed at http://www.lulu.com put ‘turtleneck’ in the search field and the website will bring it up. As a lover of turtlenecks I really enjoyed reading it. Hope you will too!

    Love Steph

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