Better Done than Perfect

08ChristmasQuiltingProgressThe headline for today’s blog post came from a comment by Miss PattiCakes (thanks Pat!) on yesterday’s post What Do You Do When It’s Not What You Wanted It To Be?. Here’s what she had to say:

“I LIKE it. I like the colors. Just because it’s not what you wanted it to be, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t what someone else wants it it be. It’s OK to say “well, I might not do it that way again”, but not worth self flagellation (grin). A quilter friend of mine once said “done” is better than “perfect”. Good luck putting THAT into practice!

“What if God looked at us that way? How many of us are the way She would want us to be? Yikes!” -PattiCakes, All Decked Out

PattiCakes is my new best friend, is she yours too? And who CANNOT love someone who give us permission to be less than perfect? Oh yeah, I’m talking about the famous Her with a capitol H her as well as the PattiCakes with the capitol P & C.

What you all didn’t know yesterday was that the quilt I showed you was NOT a finished quilt, I had only quilted one block (now I have TWO done). Do you ever get that first little bit finished, sit back to admire your great start and then fall through the floor with disappointment at what you see? I swear, Iseem to do that EVERY SINGLE TIME. It’s a sickness I’m working hard to recover from. It’s a symptom of my Perfectionism.

And honestly, it doesn’t really matter if I really love what I working on or if it IS really the worst thing ever – I get that same sinking, deep pit of disappointment. Sometimes it lasts for an hour, sometimes for a week — sometimes forever.

I think it is why I have so many UFOs (for you non-quilters, a UFO is an Un-Finished Project). I abandon the project because I lose all hope. You don’t quit working on something you’re still excited about. Am I right, Ladies?

With love, to myself and to you,



~ by Kimberly Mason on October 8, 2009.

5 Responses to “Better Done than Perfect”

  1. I often think when something I make doesn’t turn out “perfect,” it is because it turned out the way God wanted it to. Maybe what was in my mind was not what God had in mind. I keep telling myself that I am not in charge and try to move along with that in mind. I love what MissPattiCakes said, not perfect but done!

  2. I also have the feeling you described midway or further through a project. It usually goes away to a degree, but I have to confess I’m seldom satisfied with what I make. I do finish though!

  3. A perfect motto!

  4. I think sometimes that nigglers like perfectionism are there to teach us NOT to be perfectionists. And they will keep cropping up until we figure out that, as PC writes, done is better than perfect. Which doesn’t mean that we abandon standards, but that we release the judge who gives higher scores for enthusiasm than execution, KWIM?

    • Ha! You’re SO right! It’s funny (well, funny to ME, maybe not funny to those that have to put up with me LOL), it’s funny that until now I had not put two and two together….I have been focusing on sin and striving to be free from sin while remaining free to be imperfect in my Divine life and also focusing on striving to churn out good work in my quilting without driving myself to the point of doing NOTHING because I’m frozen by the fear of creating something “Less Than.”

      Huh. Under all this red hair IS a blonde! You are a real friend, my Tennessee gal, a real friend! Just a quick Virtual Hug to you before I run off to get my IQ raised (aka my roots done) 😀 There is SO much to explore on the topic of Perfectionism, I’m afraid I could get stuck here worrying this subject to death and never get around to living the Free Life that God intended, yes?

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