Roundabout Road Students Excel

I spent the day in my Roundabout Road quilt class at the Sugar n’ Spice in Morton. See my daughter? She was one of my students (clever girl!). That’s her orange and pink, green and purple block on the design wall in the back.


Here you can see 4 out of 6 of the students blocks. Babe and Sarah had to leave early, but I’ll see them again soon and get a picture of their quilts. Doncha just love Lila’s “vintage” look (top left)? I think she must be Mary Mashuta’s long lost other twin (triplet?) sister, very similar style with a bold color sense!


My daughter seems unable to stop herself from playing with scraps after class. Look what she came up with! (And remember she is BRAND NEW to quilting!)


I’m worn out and haven’t even one more word in my head. I need to refuel, so I’m going to crawl back inside the latest Dan Brown thriller. See you soon!


~ by Kimberly Mason on October 24, 2009.

5 Responses to “Roundabout Road Students Excel”

  1. Alas, alas. I wonder how much it costs for a Roundabout Plane Ride to Washington for one weekend…
    I love it that your daughter is joining you in class. How stinkin’ cool to watch her brain and hands create! I love her blocks and the others.
    I’m grateful the day was good for you, Friend. I sent strong prayers your way.

    • Much love back to you, my friend!

      I love the way you gather words, twist them into interesting shapes and present them, reshaped and re-ordered, like a balloon man at a children’s party. Some days I wear your words like an invisible balloon hat — maybe only I can see it, but it sure makes me feel special!

  2. Love it all! And I gotta say, Tara’s apple didn’t fall far from your creative tree. I love following the projects of you and yours!

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