Tutorial: Travel-Sized Tissue Cozy

00FirstClick and go and sew.

If you don’t sew (or do so sew so rarely) and you are a regular reader of my blog I’d like to send you a travel-sized tissue cozy of your very own made by, you guessed it, me! Send me an email at kz@tds.net with your snail mail address and your favorite color.



~ by Kimberly Mason on November 7, 2009.

7 Responses to “Tutorial: Travel-Sized Tissue Cozy”

  1. Just checking in from faraway Florida to say I miss you! Love the ‘shroom photo from a few days back, and of course I love the tissue packets. Can’t wait to see the QOV finished product, and though I can wait to get home, I am eager to catch up. Be well!

  2. OK, so does sewing on buttons count? Tee hee hee… that’s about the extent of my sewing prowess. I’d love one of your beautiful creations Kim! I’m sort of a blue girl myself. I’ll shoot you my snail mail addy. THANKS!

  3. I absolutely do not sew (not even buttons)–I bake. I admire the creations of others, though, and that is so cute!

    • Send me your snail mail addy and favorites color(s) and I’ll send you some Granny Love! (in the form of a tissue cozy O:-) )

      Peace, Kim

  4. Thanks for the tissue cozy pattern….very addictive, just made 6, need to go fabric shopping, I want to make lots more for Christmas.

  5. Okay I’m a dork where do I find the pattern???Shawna

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