Look who wants to “Share the Love!”

14MEConstructionO how I love how the Love is being shared! Let’s take a look at who is sharing the love:

There is little Link Love for you, Ladies. I hope you Readers will visit them!

Right now I am ALL about the Mary Engelbreit, as you can see from the tissue cozies to the right (Patty D., those are for you!), take a look at my design wall (below). I’ll tell you more about my charm pack quilts later and post a lovely pattern (yes, for FREE!).

I love you all. Stay safe and be nice (because nice really does matter).


I’ll end this post with a GO GATORS! and a quote from Urban Meyer (coach for the UF Gators) my Big Man that he sent me this morning:

“Have you ever gone 19-0?” Meyer said. “It’s not ho-hum, I can assure you that. If it’s ho-hum for someone, you’ve got to really reflect to say, ‘Where am I headed in this life right now?’ If 19-0 in the Southeastern Conference at the University of Florida is ho-hum, then you’ve got one exciting life, man, you’ve got a lot of good stuff going for you.”

Thank You,
Marshall L Ellis
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~ by Kimberly Mason on November 14, 2009.

11 Responses to “Look who wants to “Share the Love!””

  1. Go Gators? I’m crushed. I thought we were friends and Tennessee fans just can’t be friends with Gator fans. The universe will implode! LOL

    When we were sharing a cab from the airport in St. Thomas to the hotel, it was full of Gator fans. I thought the SO was going to start a riot when the fans said that Tim Tebow was recovering from his concussion and sitting up and reading and the SO so innocently said, “Tebow can read?”

    • Hilarious! Give your SO an extra treat (hmmmm, sounds like a dawg treat, I didn’t mean it that way!) for making me laugh!

      But still, GO GATORS! Hey, we have that orange thing in common. Can’t we all just get along? 😛

  2. how cool! and i love the new header/banner. also, on the right side just above your photo there is the photo/link for your tutorial, the text is overlaid on some kind of stripey fabric, what is that? it’s so pretty!

    • The stripey fabric under the lettering is actually a rainbow of tissue cozies smiling at the camera. I’m SOOO hooked on stripe fabric though, it’s my new fav.

  3. Go Gators!

  4. You are sooooo obsessed with these cozies! I really do like the Mary Englebreit — Life if Just a Chair of Bowlies, you know. Penn State fan here!!

  5. We are a divided household here. We’ve got Gator fans and FSU fans. But living in Florida those are the ONLY options 🙂

    • When I started dating my U of F fan (I am not a cradle Gator 😛 ) he used to tolerate me making comments about how “cute” I thought the FSU guy was on the horse. That isn’t tolerated after 11 years. LOL

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